My name is Lauren…

If you like labels, then I can give you a few... Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Women’s Health Coach, Business Mentor, Podcaster, Speaker, Writer, Content Creator, Reiki practitioner… I am sure I will continue to add to this list, but while these titles are all nice to have. They do not really tell you who I am!

When I asked my soul why I am here… it told me my purpose is to experience love in a human body.

Love is my greatest, and most challenging teacher.

I am devoted to bringing love to everything in my life, in my relationships, my work, my food, the way I treat my body, the way I treat others. I live my life aligned to the question… ‘what would love do?’.

Self love has perhaps been my biggest adventure of all. And I am still learning. Every. Damn. Day.

This is the journey of self like, self acceptance and self love is a big part of my mission - because I believe that everybody deserves to live their life IN LOVE. And that can only begin with the self.


I am a woman. A raw, real & messy woman.

I have a kind heart - but can sometimes be critical. I am fierce but often fearful. I am brave but anxiety and panic attacks have consumed a large proportion of my adult life. I am loyal and forgiving, but I find it hard to forget.

I am real and raw, but sometimes I want to hide. I am both messy and meticulous. I am an untidy Virgo - I love lists, and organisation is one of my strong points, but my clothes often find themselves on the floor and when I cook I use every pan in the kitchen.

I am both extroverted and introverted. I am highly sensitive and I believe that is a gift - rather than a curse.

Not a day goes by without giving myself the time to create at least one magical moment - I bring intuitive expression into my food, words, movement and daily rituals.

I hug trees, talk to the universe, live my life aligned with the moon and pull oracle cards. I am happiest with my bare feet on the ground.

I am sensual, sexual, and I am unashamed to admit it.

I am a space holder. What does that mean?

I create and hold space for people to delve deeper into their hearts and souls to unlock the key to moving forwards into growth and expansion.

I am ambitions and believe that life is too short to spend it doing a job that does not light you up. I worked with horses throughout my teens, left school after doing my A-levels, became a journalist for a national magazine at the age of 19 and set up my own PR and Marketing business at the age of 22

At the age of 32 I decided to ‘start again’ after burning myself out and becoming disconnected from virtually every aspect of my life.

In 2015 I certified as a Holistic Health Coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In 2016 I took an adventure to Costa Rica and trained with Yoga Academy International to become a yoga teacher. In 2017 I studied to become a meditation teacher in February 2018 I had the honour of studying Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and then later that spring I became a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. My latest training was perhaps the most pivotal yet… in October 2018 I took a leap of faith and traveled to Canada to study Yoga Nidra with Tanis Fishman at the School of Sankalpa.

I am devoted to learning and growing myself, and I adore bringing these teachings into the lives of others and watching them do their magic.

In between these times I have been training rapidly and intensively in the rollercoaster of LIFE!

I spent over a decade feeling numb and that is no longer an option for me.

I am dedicated to unravelling the protective cage that has surrounded my heart for many years and this website is my creative sanctuary to express and share the lessons I learn along the way. I was scared to love, to feel the unpredictable nature of being human - but now I understand that to truly live I have to embrace the full spectrum of sensations.

I am not afraid of my messiness, my inner dark goddess or my ability to feel. I am not afraid to speak my truth anymore, or show the world my rawness. I will no longer apologise for my wild.

One of my biggest life lessons was losing my menstrual bleed.

Yet it is also one of the things I am most grateful for because it has lead me to a place where I feel no greater passion than when I am supporting other women to reconnect back to their natural cyclical nature.

Having Hypothalamic Amenorrhea for four years, after being wrongly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, has helped me remember my instinctive nature as a woman and highlighted how essential it is that we speak openly and honestly about the truth of womanhood.

I don’t have all my sh*t together.

I am a curious soul - I question everything and ask potent questions that can spark rapid transformation.

I strongly believe that shame is one of the most detrimental burdens we can carry - and nearly all of us have some of that weight on our shoulders.

I share my truth so that others can hopefully find their own.

Thank you for joining this adventure...