around the time of my 30th birthday, something woke up within me…

I felt stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

I believed my body had let me down.

I was lost and unsure, not knowing where to go or how to ‘fix’ myself. 

I couldn’t feel anything. No joy, no excitement, no sense of freedom. Just an unexplained heaviness.  

I had a question on repeat in my head… ‘is this really IT?’

Are you familiar with these feelings? 

i realised It didn’t have to be this way

Despite ‘having all my sh*t together’ on paper (whatever that means!) there was a huge void in me, I knew I was destined for MORE. More laughter, more joy, more adventures, a greater sense of purpose. But I couldn’t get hold of it.

Do you have that sense too? 

The more I tried to ‘get back to myself’, the more I fell into a spiral of self loathing, body hatred, numbness and anxiety.  I searched everywhere externally for the answer, but I was looking in the wrong places. I was looking outside of me, instead of inside… to my intuition, my instinct, my own inner road map. 

Allow me to introduce myself…


I am Lauren.

I describe myself as a multi-passionate, soulful, tree hugging, puppy loving, space holder who combines practical down to earth life tools with a sprinkle of mystical magic to help other women re-awaken and reclaim the life they were born to live. 

Sound good?

My coaching journey began five years ago when I trained as a Health Coach and since then has evolved dramatically, with my most recent exceptionally powerful training being in the area of Sex, Love & Relationships with the magnificent Layla Martin.

Over the past few years I have also trained to be a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and love nothing more than guiding women to regain inner and outer strength, cultivate a deeper body connection, heal relationships with their womb and menstrual cycle, become more capable of dealing with stress, and generally supporting them to feel replenished and rested.

You are allowed to change your mind

A few years ago I pivoted (yes we are allowed to do that contrary to popular belief!), in my career, in my relationships, in my health and wellbeing. I took a different path - one that felt a little scary to begin with but with support and guidance, was the most amazing path I ever took.

Are you ready to take that path? 

The path I took enabled me to slowly piece together my true self again. It allowed me to return to wholeness - mind, body and soul. So many people out there think we just have to focus on one element and all will fall into place. I disagree.

In order for us to truly step into the powerful women we are meant to be, the leaders of our own lives, we need to nourish and accept all of us. That isn’t just about spiritual journeys, or physical transformations - it is about the entirety of being human. 

Real. Raw. Unapologetic. Open. Expansive. Powerful. Human. 

TO me this means…

Understanding and embracing our emotions, our mindset and the things that hold us back. 

Embodying our true essence, our natural cyclical rhythm, and expressing it to understand and support our physical wellbeing. 

Connecting to the parts of us, our soul truths, to discover how we can live a life that feels on purpose and aligned with our deepest desires. 

If not now, when?

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you were supposed to be?

I cannot help but get frustrated when I see a woman holding back her power, her gifts, her beautiful unique expression because for so long the world has told them who they are ‘supposed’ to be.

I call bullsh*t on societal expectations. On hiding parts of ourselves. On trying so hard to be something that we are not in order to please others. 

I call in the real you. The fierce, yet soft woman that you were born to be. The sensual woman. The alive woman. The awakened woman. 

Are you ready to step forward into your most vibrant, sensual, confident, authentic, embodied self and show the world what you are made of?

Hey, I'm Lauren(66).png