A sweet spring renewal


A glance, a look, a moment in time that will never be captured again.

A petal, a bud, a promise of blossom.

A droplet of rain, hanging delicately from a branch like a diamond dripping from the sky.

A breath of air whisking the scent of damp earth across the skin of her face.

A comforting hum whispers in her ear as the sounds of new life rise up from their slumber.

This season meets her heart with an embrace like no other.

A hope. A wish.

A beautiful tender kiss from nature's sweet, sweet lips.

This is her renewal.

This is her rebirth.

Each petal so unique.

Each leaf it's own pattern.

Each stem, a different shape.

Each root, reaches down into the earth along a completely individual path.

The blossoming in nature unfolds at its own pace, on it's own sweet journey.

It does not compare. It does not race.

Seasons shift.

Internal and external light rises.

We each bloom magnificently in our own wondrous way.