As far as the eye can see...


As far as the eye can see
The closer that you will be.

Don’t fear the sights a little further
Bravely look beyond the surface level truth.

Watch the magic open up
It is nature’s evolution.

The petals and the bees
The dragonflies and the trees.

The way that Gaia blossoms
A constant transformation.

Be the movement in yourself
Embody and trust the constant state of change.

As far as the eye can see my love
The closer that you and me will be.


I wrote these words as I explored Kingdom a few days ago, watching nature blossoming in front of my very eyes. It made me feel closer and closer to my honest truth, to the self that wasn't scared of facing up to the constant change and evolution that occurs before our very eyes every single day.

It made me feel closer to those that I love, and I am forever grateful for the lessons and inspiration that the earth around me gives.

If you enjoy this poem, then please do feel free to download the words here and print or save them for any time you need to be reminded of them.