Embodying our truth


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about speaking your truth (even when your voice shakes), and the follow on to this is a post about ways we can embody this truth and start to truly live, and of course speak, from this place of remembering...

The more and more I connect in with my body and my truth through powerful activation practices, the more I realise just how important it is to bring the two together. In fact, it is essential.

We have to fully express ourselves - and that means not just with our thoughts and words, but with our energy and body as well.

To live in flow and alignment, we have to embody our wholeness. We have to literally feel it running through every cell of our body, so that every move we make and breath we take is totally lined up with how we want to create our life.  

Some of the practices below are things that I find really helpful to support me when I need to connect with my truth and then bring that truth out into the big wide world (yup... sometimes it can feel daunting!). You might resonate with one of them, none of them, or all of them, but explore and get curious with the ones that you feel drawn to and perhaps they might become an integrated part of your personal growth 'tool kit'...


The first thing we need to do when connecting to our truth is to feel safe and rooted. This means grounding yourself into your body. For me that looks as simple as placing both feet on the ground wherever I am. If you are sitting that means uncrossing the legs and feeling the security of floor beneath your feet. If you are standing - spend some time really feeling all four corners of both feet connecting to the surface you are standing on.

Say out loud, or quietly to yourself... 'I am grounded, safe and secure in my body.'

Open your heart

Think of this from both the emotional and also physical point of view. Emotionally of course opening your heart can feel vulnerable - but it is also the time when we can fully connect in with our heart's desires - the truth of them! From a physical point of view this literally means expanding through the chest, drawing your shoulder blades together and feeling your collarbones widening. Imagine you are creating space in the front of the body to literally open up to receive your truth.

You can do this simply by interlinking your fingers behind your back and squeezing the shoulder blades together, while drawing the knuckles away from you. Try it now and feel the difference in the front of your body.

Not only does this help with posture (particularly if you have been hunched over for long periods of time), but it creates more room to breathe deeply and expansively. Which leads me on to my next step...

Close your eyes and breathe

When we activate the relaxation response in our body through meditation - even if it is just ten deep breaths with our eyes closed - our nervous system begins to settle and we start to move from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). When we are stressed, uptight, fearful and rushing our thinking mind takes over and we tend to feel overwhelmed, foggy and harassed - there is no way you can connect to your true feelings in that moment. When we start to introduce relaxation into the body, we allow ourselves the space to connect in with what is true for us then and there - which allows us to act from a place of alignment rather than fear and 'shoulds'.

Just ask

When you feel grounded, open hearted, and a little less frazzled in the mind (your mind doesn't need to be 'clear'), place your hands on your lower belly, womb space or your heart  (feel into where they naturally want to go) and take some deep breaths into that area. Then ask yourself... 'What is true for me right now?'

Don't question the answer - let the first instinct come to mind and allow it to settle in. It might not be what you want to hear, or you might know deep down that it is exactly what you already knew. Trust that the answer that comes up is true for you right now.

Finding your voice

One of the things that can come up a lot when we are learning how to express our truth, is this inability to find our voice. Sometimes it manifests as a lump in our throat, a dry, scratchy feeling or even sometimes an illness that might even involve you losing your voice or getting a sore throat.

You can look after your throat by keeping well hydrated and sipping on ginger, honey and lemon tea. But one of my favourite ways to activate my true expression is by using my voice literally through singing. Now, I will be totally honest and say that if I was being very 'yogini' here I would suggest a chanting mantra - which for some people is a beautiful way to embody the sound of their voice.

However, as I am not always that conventional, my favourite way to activate my voice is by singing at the top of my voice to... wait for it.... Katy Perry Roar!

Yup... I said that out loud (truth speaking my heart out right now!!)

Of course it doesn't have to be that song - whatever you like to sing to, that makes you feel brave and empowered, is great. Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi... no judgement over here! Please do leave a comment with your voice activation song choice below.

And finally...

The last thing that I find really helpful when it comes to expressing my truth is to find an affirmation, or a positive statement that helps me feel ready to take on my honest truth. For me that looks like repeating to myself... 'It is safe for me to be myself' followed by resting my hands on my womb and saying 'it is safe for you to be yourself'.

Spend some time connecting in with what phrase would help you embody your truth, then write it on a post it note and place it somewhere you can see it when you need to.

The truth really does look beautiful on you.