If you want something different...


If you want something different in your life, then you have to take a different action.

Let's just let that settle in a little shall we?

If YOU want something different in YOUR life, then YOU have to take a different action.

Even if you don't read any further then these words are pretty powerful if you really stop to consider them.

So many of us (me included) are caught up in this little dance between wanting transformation and growth, yet not wanting to unwrap ourselves from the comfort blankets that we know inside out and back to front.

But then there comes frustration and a feeling of being stuck because actually our purpose in life is to grow and evolve.

But how can we expect something different to magically occur if we are in the same cycle of patterns and behaviours? It is ludicrous if you think about it.

If we continue to have our same routines, eat the same food, do the same movement, maintain the same mindset... then how on earth can we expect anything to change?

A couple of weeks ago I started personal training with Pip from Day One Wellness (an awesome outdoor gym at Kingdom in Penshurst). I have been wanting to get my fitness back up to scratch for a while now - yet I was resisting because I knew it would mean making changes.

I was getting so fed up of feeling unfit, stuck eating the same food that I knew wasn't really nourishing my body in the way I wanted it to, and yet I felt safe in that space. I felt stuck and unmotivated, but I wasn't having to do anything that made me feel uncomfortable.

So after a lot of internal resistance I invested in a 12 week programme of personal training and health coaching. (Yes... I am a health coach and I have paid someone else to support me... even coaches need coaches!


There was fear, there was anxiety and there was a feeling of defeated acceptance that I needed support (not easy to swallow that one - me, need help?!? Pah!).

This process has forced me to face a lot of home truths - some of which have been hard to take, because who wants to have to look at the parts of themselves that they know aren't really doing them any favours?

I have had to call myself out, and not shy away from, truths about myself that aren't so shiny and bright. Things that trigger anger, disappointment, imperfection (hard for a Virgo to handle!).

And it hasn't just been in my fitness that this has been showing up for me...

It has been presenting itself in all manners of my life, in particularly certain elements of my business and creativity.

The constant belief I told myself that I didn't have time to do the things that light me up - one of them being writing my blogs - and so I didn't pursue something that I adore. A huge part of my inspiration and something that really brings joy to my heart.

I know that I am in my flow when I write here on a regular basis, in fact one of the times that I felt my most aligned with my message was when I was blogging on an almost daily basis. And despite knowing this... I haven't blogged in months.


Because I have been stuck in a spiral of sameness.

But what if we just changed one part of the path? What if we took a slightly different route today to see where it might take us? What could happen then?

But that is unknown I hear my ego cry. We don't know where that route leads...

I think it is time to find out. Don't you?