Sunrise wishes


Turn your gaze
Towards the sunrise my darling.
Every new dawn, each new day
A blessing, a gift, a moment to cherish.

Your heart may feel heavy
And your soul might be aching.
Your body might be tired
And your mind may be restless.

But each rise and fall
Of that light filled sky.
Is a reminder to never
Let a day pass you by.

Fill each day with gladness
For simply being alive.
Turn your gaze towards the sunrise, my darling.
It’s time for you to rise.


I share these words with you on Summer Solstice, the day when the light lasts longer, a day of renewal and promise and wonder at the potential of the warmer months upon us.

If you enjoy these words then please feel free to click here and download a little graphic of the words which you can download and save for whenever you need them.