You are doing enough...

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I am writing this partly as a selfish post. For my own accountability because I desperately need to embody this mantra myself right now. And perhaps you do too?

I am doing enough.

As an organised, perfectionist Virgo who likes to have things structured and written down so I can keep my mind clear of the buzz of ‘to do’ I noticed something as I wrote my week’s intentions yesterday.

I wrote down the priorities and I mapped out my days, and then I started feeling uneasy at the prospect of a little bit of space this week. It didn't look super busy to me. It looked like I might actually get these tasks done. And then what?

Instead of feeling happy and joyful at the prospect of having a week where I could breathe and enjoy the process, time to actually just be and flow, I started thinking about all the extras I ‘should’ add in.

I started to fill the gaps in with 'doing' - instead of being.

And then, with curiosity, I noticed what I was doing and called myself out!

There is ALWAYS more that ‘could’ be done, and I am a ‘do'er’. I like to make things happen and I enjoy feeling productive. I am comfortable when I am busy.

But, time and time again, I have to come back to question this craving to be superwoman. Truth is, superwoman isn’t so super when she is operating from an ever draining battery.

And when the balance of BEING and DOING is not in harmony - then that battery empties FAST!

What if I could shift into a space of believing what I am doing is enough more than enough in fact?

What if I am allowed to have space for me in between my work? Why would that make me feel a little uncomfortable? Old patterns, old habits, old ways of thinking.

I am ready for a new paradigm.

What is it that makes me so afraid to just do what I’m doing and not seek out more things to do?

The fear of not growing quickly enough.
The fear or others thinking I’m lazy.
The fear of missing an opportunity.
The fear of not making more money.
The fear that wanting to just BE and not DO is a reflection of my ambition and drive.

Why is it easier to be in over achieving mode - even when it causes us harm - instead of simply being?

We have forgotten how to rest.

Everyone I speak to right now is tired. I’ve written about this before and it’s an ongoing theme and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I write about it.

The honest truth is that we shouldn’t be tired. Not all the time. This exhaustion is an epidemic that I believe is fuelled by feelings of ‘not enough’.

It’s beyond tired, it’s depletion.

It’s energetic exhaustion on a physical AND an emotional level.

It’s not just about sleeping more, eating healthier and doing more meditation. Although of course these things are going to have hugely beneficial effects.

It’s about looking ourselves in the eye and being honest about what drains us.

It has to start with ourselves. It has to start with each individual taking responsibility for their own energy and mental wellbeing. And to do this we have to look long and hard at what is flowing and energising us in life, and what is weighing heavy and sucking us dry.

That is why when I work one to one with someone in a coaching capacity, the absolute first port of call is replenishment. Because we cannot create or grow from an empty place. I am continually learning this myself - over and over again.

It starts with giving ourselves space to BE and a chance to listen to ourselves in the moment instead of worrying about reaching goals all of the time. Because right now IS ENOUGH. It is all actually truly we have!

It starts with trusting that just by doing the essentials, and nothing more, is going to provide us with the exact opportunities we need to flourish. We will still be growing, evolving and living.

It starts with choosing to move forward with our dreams and visions from a place of feeling full and joyful, instead of from a place of fear and scarcity. And that means knowing that we don't need to rush and by understanding our natural rhythms of energy we start to learn when to take action and when to rest.

It starts with us saying to ourselves...


Your visions, your actions, your growth and your evolution will only bring you the joy and satisfaction and fulfillment that you desire - IF you are not operating from a lack mindset. That means not lacking in energy, or not feeling as though you don't have enough, and are not doing enough right now.


This week, and beyond, I intend to bring this affirmation into my lifestyle in all ways. I intend to embody it through my actions. Are you with me?

If you know someone who needs to read this today please pass it on.