Want to know what your true purpose is?


You can't go far these days without coming across something that talks about purpose. How to find it, live it, love it, make a career in it, serve other people with it... but over the past few years I have really begun to question whether this constant state of seeking purpose is a healthy space to be in...

I thought I had found my purpose when I was 4 years old... horses... and for over twenty years I was so certain that my life was solely about horses. But then it changed and my life pivoted and I began to question what my role on this planet was.

I didn't know what it was - but I thought I wasn't fulfilling it at the time. So I went on a hunt.

It took me a long time to accept that I was allowed to change.

The hunt has taken me down many different avenues and rabbit holes, and I fully expect that journey to continue. I have made peace with that now. 

I have never in my life felt more lost at times than in the past few years. But then on the opposite side of the coin, there have been times when I have never felt more purposeful and aligned with my true values.

Do I know what my purpose is?

It depends what you define as purpose.

I feel like the self development world is continually telling us that if we don't know our life purpose, and we aren't fulfilling it, then we are failing ourselves. So we are bombarded with courses and training and 'things' that we need to do in order to discover it.

Which is bullsh*t.

And this may well trigger you to feel angry or irritated, especially if you are someone who has a business based on helping people find their purpose.

Hear me out...

I am not saying that we don't need support in finding direction in our life. As a coach myself I really do know the power of someone else holding space to explore ourselves.

What I AM saying is that there is not an easy route or hack that you can do to just magically discover your entire life purpose. No meditation, no yoga class, no retreat is going to hand you a packaged up box with a bow on it that means you never have to question your purpose ever again.

This constant pursuit of finding a state of certainty and knowing feels like a complete contradiction to my mental and emotional wellbeing. Because it suggests that I am not living my life on purpose right now.

If you ask me what my purpose is in life... and relate it to needing to put a neat label on it... I will be honest and say I haven't got a clue what it is. Apart from this...

It is simpler than we make it out to be.

Purpose isn't a thing, a training course or a career. It isn't something that on the day of your birth you were given a key to, and now it is your task to spend the whole of your life searching frantically for the door that the key fits in. And it isn't something that makes your life unworthy if you don't have a perfectly clear understanding of exactly what it is.

If you look outside your window and are lucky enough to be close to nature, the answer is closer than you think. It is all around us in the natural world.

Can you guess yet?


I think our purpose on this planet is to grow.

Growth... evolution... transformation... and dare I say it... the one thing that we often resist the most... CHANGE!

All you need to do is be open to change. To growing and evolving. To your curiosities and to new experiences. To learning - not because you need to find the answer in a certificate, but because training and developing yourself is a sign of growth. All the time you feel as though you are in a state of transformation then you are fulfilling your purpose.

Of course growth comes through doing things that bring us joy and light us up, through challenging ourselves and through adventures. And of course we often need support through those processes, and accountability, and someone to hold our hand and be our personal cheerleader.

But ultimately the responsibility for your growth is in your hands.

What if we took the pressure off finding our purpose and allowed ourselves to just shift and grow each and every day?

What if we made it our mission to simply GROW second by second, day by day?

If we trust this unravelling process then we don't even have to DO anything because life itself will give us everything we need to take the next step. We grow by just being alive.

Phew... I don't know about you, but I feel like I can take a sigh of relief now knowing that I am already living and breathing my purpose.