Can you show up for yourself today?


How often do you tell your family that they can't eat when they are hungry? How often do you not follow through on a plan for fear of letting someone else down? How often do you decide not to turn up for work because you are depleted?

I suspect, for most of us, the answer is... not very often.

Let me ask another question...

How often do you fail to nourish your body with food that will make you feel satisfied and vibrant? How often do you stop yourself from doing something that makes you feel good because of the many other things you feel you 'should' do? How often do you let another day pass without making a step forward with your dreams?

How often do you show the same commitment to showing up for yourself, that you do for others?

I suspect, for many of us, the answer is... not very often.

The thing is... when we are tired, frazzled and empty of things that bring us joy and fulfillment, we aren't really showing up for ANYONE.

When we are using all of our precious energy on serving everyone else, we tend to become overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, exhausted... and while we think we are being there for them, we aren't in our wholeness and eventually that will lead to a total disconnection within ourselves.

The only way to come back to a feeling of fullness and vitality, is to do the very thing we are resisting.

To show up for ourselves.

To do something that fills up our cup.

To look after and be there for US.

Each time you show up for yourself in a small way, you are reinforcing your worthiness.

Each time you put yourself to the bottom of the pile, you are letting yourself down and telling both you - and the people around you - that you are not worth putting at the top of the list.

Showing up for yourself isn't always about big grand gestures. It is about small simple consistent messages of compassion towards YOU.

And I can guarantee, that when things get busy and hectic, these will often be the things that get dropped off.

Because it doesn't matter if we let ourselves down now, does it?

The truth is, the time when you feel like you haven't got time or energy to do show up for yourself, is the very time that it is essential to do so.

But how?

Baby steps my lovely, baby steps...

Showing up for your mental and emotional health is giving yourself five minutes to breathe when things are chaotic. Switch scrolling through Instagram for closing your eyes and taking  just ten deep breaths. That is showing up for yourself.

Showing up for your physical health is taking five extras minutes to prepare yourself food that sustains your energy, that gives you pleasure and nourishes you. Filling your body with real, nutrient dense food that you love is showing up for yourself.

Showing up for your dreams is taking one tiny step towards your desires each day. That might mean sending a message to someone who could support you, connecting with like minded people on social media, or writing down your idea on a piece of paper. Even giving yourself a few minutes of time in a quiet space allowing your mind to wonder... that is showing up for yourself.

Showing up for your energy is saying NO to things that drain you. Taking a minute to consider your wellbeing before committing to an arrangement that you know will not make you feel full. When you are put on the spot about arranging something, give yourself some grace before you confirm. That is showing up for yourself.

Showing up for yourself is meditating when you don't have time to. It is leaving a party early because you know you need sleep. It is getting into nature. It is heading to the yoga mat even if you only have a few minutes. It is writing that blog post. It is reading just a page of the book you have wanted to start for ages. It is going to the gym class even when you don't have time.

It is making, and most importantly keeping, appointments you make with yourself.

Showing up for yourself is doing the things that feed your wholeness. And when we starve ourselves of the things that make us feel like US... then we fall out of our natural alignment and this leads to dis-ease in many aspects of our life.

So what can you do today to show up for YOU? What can you do to send a big  and powerful message to the universe that YOU matter?

Try writing this mantra down and repeating it to yourself as often as you need...

I am committed to my emotional, energetic and physical wellbeing and I show up to that role every, single day.

So, my friend, how will you show up for yourself today?