I have a mountain to climb (or three)...


As I write this post I am on a train on my way up to Durham to meet my friend Paula from Be Happy Be Bright Be You (you can get to know more about her in this episode of the podcast from a few weeks ago) where we are about to begin a little bit of an adventure...

We are climbing the UK three peaks - in three days - beginning on Wednesday. Starting with Ben Nevis, moving down to Scarfell Pike and ending on Friday (13th!!!) with Snowdon in Wales.

This is something I have always wanted to do, and I am currently filled with a cocktail of excitement, apprehension, anticipation and anxiety.

This feeling is becoming more and more familiar to me - as I grow a little more confident in pushing out of my comfort zone. I remember feeling similar when I was enrolling in my Health Coaching course, when I was shifting away from the safety of my old business, when I was about to go and do my yoga teacher training two years ago and when I headed off to do my Womb Yoga Teacher training earlier this year.

I am having to get comfortable with rapid growth.

For a lot of my life I stayed in a safe bubble that kept me doing the same things all the time - I was terrified of being out of control so I stayed in a place which felt comfortable to me. I thought that discomfort was something I should avoid.

But a few years ago things changed and I realised that in order to feel fulfilled and aligned I was going to have to make some bold moves. And bold moves come with an element of uncertainty and risk - which feels super uncomfortable at times.

This past couple of years I have been making up for the 'safety years', which means that I sometimes feel like I am evolving at a pace that I can't even keep up with. Sometimes that feels really daunting, and other times it feels exhilarating and freeing. Can you relate?

Sometimes we have to do things that we know won't be 'easy' in order to grow. That doesn't mean we don't feel alllll the feels though - each time I do something different I get this feeling in my tummy. A kind of unsettled feeling of uncertainty, yet not all together unpleasant.

Like butterflies... on caffeine... or copious amounts of cacao!

So here I am again, with my tummy doing little flip flops at the prospect of being away from home, traveling, tiredness, physical discomfort, mental challenges and with three mountains to climb...

I feel both completely ready for this adventure, and yet also utterly unprepared! And I am putting all my faith and trust in whatever meets us on our path. I guess I can relate that to every area of my life - not just this particular challenge!

They do say that a comfort zone is nice, but nothing ever grows there, right?

Whatever mountains you are climbing this week - whether physical, or mental, I want you to know that 'you've got this'!

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