Stay curious, wild soul...

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As a child I was such a curious soul. Constantly asking questions, wanting to understand what, and why, and how… and as I grew older this curiosity dwindled. It started to stagnate because I became fearful of anything new.

I put it down to being a ‘grown up’ now, but in truth I think it was society conditioning me to believe I had to stay stuck and in one place once I had decided to do something. Or perhaps that was a convenient excuse that I used at the time?

However, over the past few years I have rediscovered this little part of me that is so powerful and tells me so much.

This gift we have inside ourselves, the gift of curiosity.

What is curiosity? Well to me it is a whisper, a nudge, a desire to delve deeper into something, to learn, to understand, to follow a hint and see where it leads.

What does curiosity mean to you?

Most times, we don’t know where it may lead - which is what can often stop us from pursuing it. I have always liked to ‘know’ what an outcome will be so I can be organised and plan and structured about it, which means curiosity has often been halted before it has even had a chance to express itself.

But curiosity is the most incredible source of inspiration. Curiosity gives us a gateway into living a joyful, fulfilling, liberating and fun life.

Most of us are inquisitive by nature, we want to grow and evolve and to do that means to follow the things that spark our interest. We each have our own little curious trails that, if we let them, will lead us towards the life we are here to live!

Childhood curiosity…

As children we explore, we want to experience things, we test the water and our naturally inquisitive natures lead us down different directions. Sometimes this curiosity can get us into challenging situations of course - we have all been there I am sure - but that is all part of the process of learning and discovering more about ourselves and the world around us.

If curiosity has got us into trouble in our younger years, or if we have been reprimanded for following it, then of course we are going to want to stay ‘on track’. We may have created a belief that it is dangerous or irresponsible to follow these little whispers.

Often curiosity doesn’t make sense ‘on paper’, it might look reckless or irresponsible to the outside eye, and as we are hardwired as humans to stay in a state of belonging, we fear anything that could cause rejection within our society or the people we care for. This means that the unknown path - which could potentially cause things to become unsettled - appears to be a dangerous journey. It isn’t a case of being cowardly - it is actually a safety mechanism that has been built in to our neurological pathways.

But, in my experience, not following these little nudges, leads to feeling flat, uninspired, un-creative and unmotivated in many areas of our lives. Because we aren’t truly living the way our soul wants us to live, and we are here to live a fulfilled and joyful life.

Curiosity is such a magical force. It draws us towards things that light up our whole being.

You know that little piece of you that gets excited about the thought of exploring a new country, reading a new book, taking a course in something, trying something new? That is your invitation to feed your soul with curiosity!

The dreams that leave you with a smile upon your face. The photos and words that draw your attention on social media. The people you wish to connect with, the ones that leave you feeling expansive - as if anything is possible. The places you feel pulled towards. The foods you love to eat. The hobbies you wish to pursue.

All of these are whispers and hints. All of these are invitations.

Curiosity is like the breadcrumb trail that will lead us towards our most fulfilling life. So why are we not utilising this super power more?

What is holding us back?

There are so many things that I want to explore in my work, in my creativity, in travel, in love, in movement - and yet - because I feel pulled in so many different directions of interest - I find myself holding back.

The past few years I have freed up some space to let this curiosity lead the way - and I have taken a dive down many different paths. For quite some time I battled with the fact that I was interested in so many different things - I felt fickle, I felt like others would judge me for not sticking to just one thing.

But curiosity is such a strong primal force within me that I can’t ignore it anymore. I love to dive down rabbit holes to see what I can learn - I love to explore, to experience, to dabble and try things out. I always learn something - even if it isn’t what I expected, and then I can take that education with me in the next part of my journey.

I thought that there was something wrong with me for this - but now I accept that this is what makes me who I am. A curious soul.

I am simply following the curiosity trail. I have devoted myself to curiosity and exploring the things that light me up and I make no apologies for that.

Sometimes the light goes out on things - and sometimes it burns brighter. These are all part of the adventure and are telling tales as to what I am destined to do in my life. It doesn’t mean I have to do them forever. They are like chapters of a vast book which, at the end of my life, will tell many different tales I hope.

Nourishing my my curiosity has become a non negotiable for me.

Curiosity to me feels expansive. And how do I know it is the time to follow that curiosity? Other than a deep sense of knowing, of trust and faith, I don’t in all honesty. But my true curiosities don’t just go away - they stay in my mind for a while until I finally succumb to the nudges and take a leap.

Following these whispers feels expansive, open, liberating, light, exciting… but often also combined with nervousness, a little anticipation, uncertainty… and sometimes fear and resistance too. And sometimes it takes me some time to really let myself go feet first, other times it is a definite green light from the beginning.

There is no right or wrong way, as I always say, there is only YOUR way. But I would ask you to get curious with what this inquisitive part of you feels like if you let them take the reins… even just for a moment.

How does curiosity feel to you?

Each time we follow these little signals we are feeding our soul. The wild and wonderful parts of us that only wants the greatest human experience in this lifetime. When we dismiss this curiosity, we are starving ourselves of the possibilities and putting out that internal soul fire.

Every day we have a choice to choose to stay open and curious, or to stay stagnant and stuck.

What is it to be beautiful one?

So can you allow yourself just a few moments today to explore your own curiosity a little deeper? Perhaps in a journal, with a friend or just in your mind right now?

What are you curious about right now?

What little nudge or whisper isn’t going away?

What is trying to get your attention?

And what would it feel like to follow that - just a little?

Sometimes we follow that curiosity and it appears to lead us to a dead end.

It might be that you need to try something out in order to know that it ISN’T something worth pursuing. Sometimes things we are curious about at times shift and change and we don’t stay as interested in them anymore.

That’s OK. It is all part of this impermanent, wonderful adventure through life.

Wouldn’t you rather know that you inquired a little, tested the waters and then decided not to go for it - than never knowing where it might take you?

Dip your toe in. Test that water. Dive deep. Listen to that curious soul… you never know where it might take you - and it might just be the wildest ride of your life!

If you are waiting for permission, or a sign that you are ready to follow that inquisition trail… well… this is it!