Following your creativity...

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As I did my 'in bed' meditation practice this morning (which looks like me lying down, placing a hand on my heart and a hand on my womb space and breathing into both of those places for a few minutes) a realisation came to me.

In fact - the realisation came to me last night - before I drifted to sleep. I have been having a little trouble sleeping recently because my brain is whirring with ideas. I have a very active, creative mind and am constantly coming up with new concepts for my business. It seems - no matter how tired I am - when I get into bed my brain begins to come alive again!

But I realised last night that there was a reason for it being particularly active at the moment. And that is because I keep blocking my creativity and not actually acting on these ideas. They are thoughts and options that I keep going over and over in my mind - and yet I am not actually bringing any of them to life.

So they seem to be getting stuck in there - or in my journal if I get as far as writing them down - and I am not following or fulfilling this desire to be creative.

This morning, I realised I have been a little scared of following my creativity.

Why? Because I don't know exactly where it is going to lead me. I don't truly know what direction my business is going at the moment - I am in a transitional period and I am brimming with ideas but I have lost a little trust in myself over the past few years because I have evolved so quickly and so expansively that it feels like new ideas are coming to me all the time. And I want to do them ALL!

But, because I can't see a clear path ahead - I am frozen like a rabbit in a headlights. The result is actually frustration and a feeling of being stuck.

I know that am the one that goes on and on about following joy, about trusting the path ahead - even though we don't know where it will lead. But the truth is - I think I write a lot of these words for myself as well as my readers! I write them because they are the words I need to hear.

None of us really truly know. If we have a vision in our mind then the chances are it might not look exactly like that in the end anyway because things shift along the way. I can tell you that from my own experience - and yet - this is the most exciting thing!

But what if we just listened to our creativity each day and let it show us the way? What if those ideas are stepping stones rather than carrot dangles to tease us? What if we actually trusted the many ideas that come up each and every day?

We don't have to see every single one of them through, but we could explore them to see how they truly feel.

If you begin a project and it doesn't turn out how you wanted it to - that doesn't make you a failure. It makes you an explorer!

My writing is something I have a very strange relationship with. I adore it. I love creating through words - yet I have some beliefs around it that I am still working through. The 'I am not good enough' to be a writer beliefs, the 'nobody is actually interested in my writing', beliefs, the 'what is the point' beliefs.

So I decided today that I will commit to a new daily ritual of 30 minutes a day, purely following my creativity in my writing. Whether that is a blog post, words for a workshop, poetry, or just rambly words on a page. This post is the result of today's exploration.

Creativity is one of those things that many of us have a turbulent relationship with.

But it doesn't always look like what you think it will look like. Creativity is not all about painting and drawing.

We are all creators in our own rights, we are creating things all the time - whether it is our food, the style of our clothes, makeup, writing, speaking, dancing or taking a photo... the real dare is - can you listen to the creative voice before the inner critic squashes it down?

Can you actually allow that creative feeling to be felt?

It might take some practice - like me - I have a lot of resistance to it at times - even though to the outside world that may not be obvious (one of my messy truths).

What would happen if, just for today, you let your creativity be heard and followed it for just a few minutes?

What magic could be birthed into the world that wasn't there before?

An affirmation you could use - which came to me in my meditation...

I trust my creativity to guide me.

Our past beliefs around our creativity are powerful - it takes time to shift the neurological patterns in our minds. That process starts by realising what the current programming is - by being honest with yourself about the way you are truly speaking to yourself around creativity.

A few journal questions to ponder...

  • What is the story I am telling myself about my own creativity?

  • When did I stop creating in my life?

  • What is the biggest obstacle in my creative practice?

And then...

  • What is my creative truth?

  • What would I create if I wasn't scared of the outcome?

  • What words would guide me in gaining confidence in my creativity?

Why not start this practice today? Why not begin a journey of re-programming your thoughts around your own creativity? You could commit to just ten minutes to start with.

I trust my creativity to guide me.

Write it, say it out loud, use it in a meditation. And watch the magic happen.

Please also let me know if this 'speaks' to you in any way. If it hits a nerve or resonates in any way you can email me or leave a comment below.