How to reconnect to our own inner power


Over the last month I have had the fortune of attending TWO amazing retreats, run by incredibly powerful women. Both of these women exude strength and have a real sense of magic surrounding them - and yet they are both grounded, real, raw, able to be vulnerable and beautifully soft within all that power.

The word POWER can sometimes have negative connotations. Power can be abused and used in a less than kind and gracious way - however the kind of power I am talking about is a bold yet beautifully gentle power.

The kind of power that exudes from inspirational people - a power that can be seen when someone stands fully in ownership of their skills and truth, but without using it to intimidate or unsettle others. I believe we all have this power within us - but that sometimes it takes a bit of unravelling to unearth it.

A journey to rediscover my power

I have been in quite a transition over the past few months, (more on that another day), but I will be honest and say that before going on these retreats I was feeling a little fragile, wobbly and disconnected from my own confidence. It was clearly no coincidence that these retreats happened to fall one weekend after another and both around the spring equinox as well - which I always feel is a supercharged time of the year.

Firstly I visited the Peak District to attend Rebecca Wilson’s Womb Connection retreat. Rebecca is the epitome of earth mother and having met her when I studied with Uma Dinsmore Tuli last year, and also had her on the podcast in the summer, I knew that this weekend would be deeply nourishing and nurturing. We stayed in a beautiful property and Rebecca guided us through some amazing practices, we were fed well, we sat around and chatted for hours and we connected as women need to - sharing our stories, talking about our worries - all the while pretty much in PJs for the whole weekend. After a long winter, it was exactly the change of scenery that I needed.

I could literally feel my battery levels recharging, and I felt myself reconnecting to the fire within me - the burning desire that reminded me I have things to share and that I would be doing a disservice if I don’t express them. I had previously lost sight of the things that made me feel ‘on purpose’ and I felt a little like wondering aimlessly. However, spending time with Rebecca and the other women re-ignited something within me that I thought I had lost. It was never lost - it was simply hidden all the time it seems, but I found this spark within me that reminded me of what I have learned and how important it is to share that.

A reminder for you if you feel in this space right now - your sparkle is not lost - it cannot be lost - it just needs to be uncovered.

There were three big takeaways that I was reminded of during this retreat…

  • In order to be connected to our true inner power, we HAVE to put our energy levels first. That means being fully topped up and overflowing with energy in order to access this power centre within us. That means rest, nourishment, love and gentleness. If we are exhausted and drained then we will never be able to fully connect in to that magic superpower within us.

  • The people we spend time with are a huge influence on our ability to connect fully to our power. If we are surrounded by others who are dimming their light, not fully rising up, or in self sabotage mode - then we will absorb that energy. When you surround yourself with inspiring people - even for a day or so - you cannot help but feel the effects of that magic and integrate it into yourself.

  • We often think that if others are doing something well, that means we cannot do it ourselves. After doing my Womb Yoga Training last year with Rebecca I found myself holding back from sharing the wonderful wisdom I had learned. I didn’t feel good enough to do it and so instead of being brave and learning as I went along I hid from it entirely. However, what I realised over this weekend was that seeing my friend share these beautiful practices in her own beautiful way showed me that it was absolutely possible for me to find my own way of sharing too. Instead of feeling like I needed to compare myself I actually felt empowered to come home and teach my own version.

Now, what to do with that re-awakened purpose?

Next stop was Cornwall, for Sophie French’s Magical Activation Mastermind. Now… there was a very clear message from the universe that I was supposed to be on this retreat - and that was because I actually won my place on it via an Instagram competition. I mean… if that isn’t a great big fat sign then I don’t know what is!

I got in my car and took on the five hour road trip which took me to the seaside town of Perranporth where I got to walk on the beach, along the cliffs and listen to the sound the waves - which is always so healing. Sophie lead the most incredible three days of true activation. There were eleven women in a room together and WOW. You could feel the magic literally seeping out of the walls… I am not sure the property will ever be the same again!

Every woman there was a dynamic, heart-lead, creative soulpreneur who genuinely had superpowers that they don’t even realise - in the most beautiful way! I realised on the first day that I had the opportunity to either rise up and be my true self - or go into safety mode and shrink away. I chose the first one and it was potent. Perhaps one of the most powerful three days I have had in a long time.

Had I not been on the retreat the weekend before I don’t think I would have been in the right headspace for the deep dive work we did, however everything aligned and the magical views, the sea air and the collective energy of the group acted as a major catalyst for me to truly step into my power.

Dimming my own light

I will admit now that over the past few years I have hovered on the edge of stepping up, and stepping back. Each time I have gone to make a big change I have leapt - and then activated my parachute a little early and shrunk myself back into a protected zone. But after these three days that safety net has been taken away and I don’t even miss it.

I understand why this is. Through a lot of the self development work I have done over the past few years I have realised that a huge driving force in my journey has been a set of beliefs that I have held for most of my life.

The belief that I do not deserve to live a life that I love. The belief that I am not worthy of being loved as I am. The belief that if I am powerful, I will not be liked or accepted by people I care about. The belief that confident means arrogant. The belief that I am not a kind person and that deep down I am selfish.

These are engrained within me and have been for some time - and they have a knock on effect in every area of my life. My work, my relationships, my health, my happiness.

Sitting in a room full of amazing women, many of whom shared similar belief systems, I realised that the only way we were going to inspire change and support each other was to lead by example and face some of the fears that these beliefs were bringing up.

Sophie held the space beautifully for each of us to look very long and hard at the mirror that was being held up for us and to smash the reflection that wasn’t serving us anymore - with love and kindness and a grateful heart because it came from a good, protective place. I don’t think a single one of us have left that little Cornish town the same person that we walked in as.

Lessons from the weekend

I learned that weekend how important it is to invest time into yourself and your visions, and how doing that in a totally separate space - away from the distractions of life at home - is the only way to truly, truly get laser clear on what you want from your life. The power of taking time for yourself never fails to amaze me.

On the last day we each got the opportunity to tell someone in the group just how amazing they were and the words that filled the room on that day were incredible. I have never, ever in my life had an experience like that. Looking someone in the eye and showing them their true reflection is a wonderful opportunity, and allowing yourself to RECEIVE is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

I learned to leap. I had resistances to going away on this trip and made many excuses for myself. But I knew in my heart that I needed to be there. So I gently thanked the protective blocks that were trying to get in my way and I stepped forward. The simple act of doing that was one of the single most powerful things I have done in a long time.

Is there something you KNOW will help you grow and step into your power… but that you are frightened to embrace?

Now… I know that a retreat is not on the cards for everyone, but most of the things that I have talked about here are things we can give ourselves regardless. Whether it is taking an hour to go and journal in a cafe or in the woods, or joining a local community of others to connect with like minded people, or perhaps committing to a replenishing practice that restores your energy once a week.

I say this with love and kindness, but it really is time for us to get out of our own way and to step into the powerful people that we are. And by power, I mean our true ways of being, because that in it’s essence is so unbelievably magical.

No more excuses. No more playing small to please others. No more dimming that beautiful bright shining light I can see within you.

What can you do today to connect you to your true power?

If you clear away the clutter, what do you KNOW about yourself that you have been hiding?

How can you activate that right now?

Power to you my darling.


PS… I have made a new meditation, all about reconnecting to your own inner confidence, which you can find in my tools of transformation library. Click here to access it. Perhaps this is where you can start today?