5 stress busting tools to help you glow!

We all know that when we are stressed on the inside - our appearance can be a little less than glowy. Tiredness tends to show, skin starts to look a little dull, we may break out, we feel uptight and might even develop skin irritations and dryness. Our skin and energy levels are huge indicators of what is going on inside. Obviously it is important to look at the root cause of your stress and find ways to manage that from an emotional level, however there are also some practical tools that I love to integrate into my daily life which help me feel a little more balanced and a little more radiant.

Soak away stress

My first stop is something I shared in my latest Stress Management Workshop in Sevenoaks and it has been at the top of my winter essentials list for over two years now! Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath... this is the ultimate pampering product and when you lie in a bath of it you can genuinely feel the stress, aches and tension melt away. Seaweed is full of minerals, comfrey and arnica help ease tired and weary limbs and the beautiful essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender are subtle but soothing. There are no nasty chemicals or parabens in any of the Neal's Yard Remedies range so they are amazing for sensitive skin and for bringing a bit of natural beauty to our baths! You can buy Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath by clicking here.

Facial bliss

I discovered Skin & Tonic eariler this year and absolutely love all of their products - especially their lip balms - however my favourite way to replenish my skin and feel as though I have just been for a facial is to use their gorgeous Calm Clean cleansing balm. Just opening the lid and smelling this makes me feel amazing - and the lovely texture glides easily on to your skin to remove grime and makeup from the day while also calming your mood thanks to the beautiful blue chamomile and other replenishing oils. Calm Clean leaves my skin feeling nourished and without any tightness, even when it is a bit dehydrated due to winter wearther! Using a flannel or muslin cloth gives you the chance to gently steam away stress! You can buy Calm Clean by clicking here.

Instant balance

I met the beautiful Ashlyn nearly a year ago now at a Sweaty Betty yoga class in Sevenoaks. She used a beautiful massage oil that she had created herself in our savasana and forever now I smell that scent and it takes me back to that relaxing state. So when I went to do my yoga teacher training earlier this year I asked her to make me a little set of oils, including the Fisical Balance Rollerball, to take with me. This Balance rollerball is ideal for placing on your pulse points whenever you are a bit stressed or anxious. It is uplifting, yet soothing and I take it every where I go! Ashlyn is also an amazing masseur and yoga teacher and always leaves you feeling incredible, so to buy a product that she has hand crafted and poured love into is a fabulous way of absorbing some of her energy. You can buy Fisical Balance Oil by clicking here.

Restful sleep

I am a little obsessed with essential oils - as many of my students will know - and doTerra's Clary Sage is one of my favourites. Traditionally I have always associated lavender with relaxation and sleep - however Clary Sage is my new best friend. This oil I often use in my yoga classes in savasana - particularly for an evening class. It is a beautiful woody and herbal scent and I now automatically associate with relaxation. Clary Sage is known to support hormone balance and relieve menstrual pain, however it is not advised to use during pregnance. My favourite way of using this is to place a drop or two (with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil) on the soles of my feet before bed time. The pores on the soles of the feet are thicker than elsewhere on the body so they absorb quicker and reach the bloodstream faster - ideal for helping you drift off to a restful night's sleep! You can find out more about doTerra Clary Sage by emailing me here.

The best of all

And probably my favourite stress busting tool... the outdoors! Yes even in winter. In fact - maybe even more so in winter! There is something quite exhilarating about getting a blast of cold air on your cheeks, coming home feeling flushed from the wind, getting that sparkle back in your eyes and feeling energised from walking briskly in the outdoors. Even if you aren't in the countryside - just getting out, away from central heating and experiencing the rawness of nature's elements - guaranteed instant glow!

Do you have a stress busting tool that helps you glow? I would love to hear from you so please do comment below or get in touch.


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stress busting tools

stress busting tools