Are you operating from scarcity or abundance?

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately, is abundance, and the mindset that I, and a lot of other people, appear to have adopted, which is the opposite... scarcity.

  • We don't have enough money.

  • We don't know enough.

  • We don't have enough energy.

  • We don't have enough time.

I feel like the world has instilled in us this belief that there is never 'enough' of anything for us, and we find ourselves operating from a place of what we don't have, instead of what we do. The result is so much comparison. So much fear of missing out. So much stress and worry that we aren't able to do the things we want to do. It results in overthinking, forcing, getting out of our natural flow - and all manner of misery making tactics!

I wonder where this mindset has come from. I wonder what made us believe that we don't have enough. Is it the internet and social media constantly showcasing other people's highlight reel? Is it the pressure we all place on ourselves in a fast paced modern lifestyle? I suspect that deep down - this mindset is based on fear.


This week I have been doing a little experiment.


Every time I hear myself think or say that I can't do something because I don't have... time... money... energy... I am challenging myself to switch the mindset to what I do have to see if it makes a difference.

You see, when we put out the feeling of lack, the way we behave and the energy we give out alters, and we become used to operating from a place of scarcity.

However, when we make decisions from a place of abundance - truly believing that we have enough of something - then we begin to behave 'as if' (think of the whole fake it til you make it concept) and actually we genuinely do attract more of that high vibe abundant energy, instead of the 'I don't have enough' feelings that trigger off self depreciation and lack of self worth.

Now please don't get me wrong - I am not encouraging everyone to go and spend all their money on frivolous things, because - deep down - I don't believe that you really think that is what true abundance is about. All I am saying is that if you switch your mindset from living your life knowing that you already have/are/do 'enough', then imagine how much more positive you could feel? And with that attitude - what could be possible? How much more fulfilled would you feel? How much 'richer' would you be in happiness and joy?


Before I went away on my trip I was absolutely exhausted.


I cancelled some of my last yoga classes because I was operating from a serious place of lack. I was tired, I was drained, I had spent so long believing that I didn't have enough energy to do the things that I wanted to do - like teach and move my body - that I believed it. I will tell you now - it was all fear based.

I was tired of course, and I am not saying that tiredness and exhaustion doesn't exist - that sh*t is REAL - but I actually believe I was tired of the constant feelings of 'not being enough' rather than the physical tiredness from teaching.


I was operating from a place of scarcity.


I believed that I wasn't good enough as a teacher to do a good job, because I hadn't learned enough yet. I believed that because I didn't have a huge 6 figure income, that I couldn't invest in more training to become a better teacher, and therefore I was never going to improve or be a good enough. I found myself envious of others, comparing myself to people and because I convinced myself that I wasn't good enough - I stayed stuck and didn't take any proactive action towards the things I really wanted.

I told myself so many times that I was exhausted and lethargic, and not good enough, and not energised enough, that I convinced myself it was my true state of being. I was acting 'as if' the things I had told myself over and over and over, were the truth.


I decided to see what would happen if I switched these thoughts to operate from a place of abundance, and guess what happened?


I felt energised enough to teach my classes, do my own practice, and spend time working on my business. I gained more new students in one week than I have done since the beginning of the year.

I allowed myself to do things that I had previously told myself I couldn't afford, and connected with some wonderful people who added far more than financial value to my life. They opened up opportunities that I can't even put a price on.

I felt that I taught my classes so much better because I finally believed that I did know enough and could give people enough in order for them to enjoy my classes as much as I want them to. I can't profess to knowing everything, but I know enough right now.

My life felt instantly 'richer' in all the right ways.


You don't have to make drastic changes to your life.


I would simply urge you to think about the place you are making decisions from, and if they are from a place of lack, then how can you challenge that and come from a place of abundance.

  • You have the ability to make enough time to do the things that are a priority.

  • You know enough to make a difference in this world.

  • You already have so many things to be grateful for, even when sometimes they can be hard to see.

  • You are enough - exactly the way you are right now. I believe it, now it is time that you do too.

As always - get in touch or comment below with any questions, or if you want to share your own experiences.