Move out of your own way...

I can tell you now that there is only one thing stopping you from finding the joy and happiness that you truly deserve and it isn't money, time or your situation. It is you.

Harsh as it may sound, I say this with so much kindness and compassion, because I truly believe that we have the power to make anything happen, and I also believe that the only thing that ever gets in my way when I am creating things, is myself!

It is time to move out of your own way and stop putting up blocks and hurdles that make life so much harder. If you would just allow yourself a moment to believe you are worthy of having the things you dream of. If you would just stop making excuses as to why you cannot be happy.

If you could just entertain the idea that the fear you feel around your dreams and visions are part of the process and not something to cause you to hide away.

If you could stop just thinking about all the reasons you shouldn't have the joy and excitement that comes with being truly alive, and start thinking 'why the f*ck can't I?'. If you could just see how amazingly shiny and magical you are, and that what you have to offer is truly spectacular.

If you could just move out of the way for a second, you could learn that it doesn't always have to be a struggle. That it can flow beautifully and that anything is possible if you allow it.

Will you do one thing for me?

When you are consciously creating the incredible life you have imagined and you feel yourself halting progress with your normal pattern of thoughts and beliefs, try visualizing yourself literally stepping out of the way. Could you dare to walk the path without blocking it?

Get out of your own way beautiful one, and watch the magic unfold.