You had the power all along my dear…

"You had the power all along my dear…" this quote from Glinda, the White Witch in The Wizard of Oz, is something that always makes me smile. For a while I let go of my power. I allowed myself to believe that I had no choice in the way that things effected me.

I felt like a victim. I felt like anxiety had taken me by hold and there was nothing I could do about it.

But little by little I started to take my power back. I started to find tools to add to my box of magic tricks. Tools that helped me feel good, feel well and feel strong. Tools that I could rely on each and every day. Tools that I knew no matter what, I could come back to.

I didn’t have many tools in my kit to start with. But gradually I began to build them up.

It took me to get to rock bottom before I realised I was the only one that could get me to the next step up. With a lot of support and guidance of course, but ultimately I had to take responsibility for my own life. I couldn’t just keep calling on others to ‘fix’ me.

Because I wasn’t ‘broken’. Far from it. None of us are. We may be messy and we may be complicated but we are not broken.

Each and every one of us has the ability to create our own set of tools to help us thrive in life. There is so much more than simply 'surviving'.

When we start to take our own power back, we start to realise our strength. We start to realise just how far our own determination can get us. We start to realise that in order to fully stand in our own power, we have to love and cherish the parts of us that we don’t always find it easy to like.

That means making friends with the darkness. Becoming acquainted with our struggles.

In comes my faithful friend Yoga.

The word Yoga literally means to yoke – to unite – and I truly believe that in order for us to thrive in live we have to unite with the parts of ourselves that we deem good AND bad. This is why yoga to me is never just about the physical postures (asana) but about me as a whole, united being.

So it is not any wonder that we give away our power when we disconnect from ourselves and start to feel hatred and loathing towards parts of us that feel shitty and dark. Without uniting with these things, we are not complete.

Think of your power as that internal voice that guides you through life if you will let it. That intuition, that gut instinct. That power is there all the time – but occasionally it gets clouded by ego and dismissed as irrelevant.

That power is always right. That power is always in you. That power is yours and yours only.

So my dear, you had the power all along, now what are you going to do with it?


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