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You already are...

Have you ever thought to yourself... 'when I get... I will feel......'? Have you ever put off doing something because you believe you aren't ready or you aren't worthy of it yet... but one day, when a series of circumstances arise... you will magically be in that place?

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Not so sweet surrender

I can't tell you how many times I have been told to 'surrender to the process' and that 'all is exactly as it should be'. On so many levels I want to be able to do it - yet so many parts of me totally rebel against it.

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Can you meet your body where it is at?

My practice today was somewhat slow and very, very restorative. That wasn't my initial plan. I wanted a strong sweaty flow to energise and challenge me this morning, but having been on an amazing three day teacher training course this week - which involved a lot of self practice - and having taught a few classes yesterday, this morning when I got to my mat...

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