"She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying." Atticus


as a space holder, running your own biz has a lot of challenges and when you are starting out, or going through a period of transition, evolution or growth, it can be a lonely world out there.

sometimes we get a little bit stuck and unsure of the next steps and we get all up in our own heads, feeling like everyone else is 'making it' except for us.

The unfortunate result of this stagnancy (and who wants to be stagnant?!?) is a circle of minimal inspiration, reduced action taking and then of course... minimal growth and response to your offerings. Then, in comes the guilt and shame because we are not making progress, frustration rears it's head and ego tells us that we aren't 'good enough' to do our 'thing' and that business we so painstakingly built, begins to feel icky!

No one wants that.

One of the most powerful things you can do at this time, is reach out for some support. Find someone to hold space for you and guide you to work through the blocks. To help inspire and empower you and get you all excited for your business once more.

This is why I offer The Biz Breakthrough sessions - to get you unstuck and back on track!

My problem was I had so many ideas and didn’t really know where to start. Lauren helped me breakdown my ideas, prioritise and brainstorm what I wanted to achieve. After the session with her, I realised I could do what I wanted to but not all at once! The session gave me a clear path to follow especially since before the session I felt overwhelmed with ideas and not knowing where to start! Lauren is a warm and kind person who guides you. The session was at her house, in a relaxed environment. We got along really well, both being Virgos! If you are stuck with where to go next, have lots of ideas or just need to bounce crazy business proposals off someone then Lauren has the tools!
— Hannah Pettitt Malafaia, Wellbeing entrepreneur


The Biz Breakthrough session is a one-off 90 minute Skype session which will leave you feeling inspired, excited and empowered to make the necessary steps forward in your business.

During the session we will work together to....

  • Reconnect to your business purpose & refocus on your big visions
  • Brainstorm and work through your current ideas and how to implement them
  • Bust through any blocks that are stopping you from moving forwards
  • Prioritise and strategise the way you can keep momentum going
  • Set intentions and an action plan to help you stay accountable to them

Ready to have a Biz Breakthrough?

I had this session with Lauren at a time when I was overwhelmed with running 3 businesses and I couldn’t see a clear direction for 2 of them. Lauren re-connected me with my “why” and made me see that transition, change and evolution is possible and necessary. I felt comfortable enough with Lauren to become quite emotional and through this came a clarity that was somehow there the whole time but I hadn’t allowed myself to see. She really is quite magical and I left the session with a weight lifted off my shoulders and and lots of possibilities ahead.
— Silke Thistlewood, Nourish To Thrive


You have a business idea, or a business already established which helps others to grow and transform in some shape or form.

You are open minded, and prepared to delve deeper into both the mindset and strategy side of your business.

You feel like you need someone to discuss your plans, strategies and visions with. Someone who 'gets you'.

You want to take action and stop feeling stuck and stagnant when it comes to growing your vision and business.

You are prepared to believe that anything in your biz is possible!


The 90 minute biz breakthrough session is a one off investment of £127 and includes...

  • Your 90 minute Skype session
  • A follow up email plan for you to follow and action

If you are ready for action, please fill out the application form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss availability and the next steps.