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Replenish & Reconnect in France

Join me at Le Perchoir des Paons, in a beautiful rural village in the South West of France for a chance to Replenish & Reconnect through rest, time in nature, delicious food, a peaceful ambience and creative time to 'overfill' your cup'.

Is your energy level currently low? Are you feeling depleted and in need of a well earned rest? Do you want to indulge in a little self exploration to empower you towards a more joyful, vibrant life?

Let me hold space for you on this magical weekend where you can recharge your batteries surrounded by nature. When we take space to breathe, to fill our cup, and immerse ourselves into a creative environment - so much magic can happen. It often takes a completely different perspective to shift mindset blocks and renew that fiery passion for what you are creating in your life.

I invite you to join me at this little spot of tranquility in France to share good food, wine (if you fancy!), creative time, self exploration, rest and replenishment for the mind, body and soul.