"One kind word can change someone's whole day."

I had this session with Lauren at a time when I was overwhelmed with running 3 businesses and I couldn’t see a clear direction for 2 of them. Lauren re-connected me with my “why” and made me see that transition, change and evolution is possible and necessary. I felt comfortable enough with Lauren to become quite emotional and through this came a clarity that was somehow there the whole time but I hadn’t allowed myself to see. She really is quite magical and I left the session with a weight lifted off my shoulders and and lots of possibilities ahead.
— Silke Thistlewood, Nourish To Thrive
Lauren is an inspiration in my life and someone who always reminds that everything will work out when I follow my heart. She is wise, intuitive and courageous and able to hold space for others like nobody I’ve ever known. Because of her mix of business and PR experience, her training in yoga and meditation, and her unwavering dedication to her creative and magical practices, she has an incredible gift when it comes to guiding you to create a life and business that’s completely aligned. I couldn’t recommend Lauren enough.
— Hayley Richardson, Personal Branding Expert & Photographer, www.hayleyrichardson.co
‘I worked with Lauren to deliver a yoga workshop as part of a retreat I was running. Many of the ladies had never tried yoga before but absolutely loved the class and their feedback was glowing. Several of them even went on to take up yoga for themselves after the retreat. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone, she’s awesome!’
— Laura Agar Wilson, Wholeheartedly Laura
Lauren Barber is the real deal. She is authentic AF and holds space like she’s been doing it for centuries, which I’m pretty sure she has. Lauren is super intuitive but she also is also an absolute girl boss. Working with Lauren is a powerful experience and yet so easy and gentle. She will hold space for all your worries and fears and help you to navigate through everything, the practical business stuff as well as the emotional. Lauren will call out your BS and help you call in your power and magic so you can find your own authentic truth and path on your business journey.
— Vix Maxwell, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, www.newagehipster.co
I recently spent a day with Lauren on one of her Magical Masterminds and found it hugely beneficial. I have been feeling more relaxed about my business since, but at the same time I have been more productive! I have been very busy and worked a lot of hours while juggling a busy family life too but this had left me feeling drained and without any spare energy to think about where my business was going or what I wanted to achieve. A day with Lauren really did create that space for me to focus on my business and to sort the good ideas from the ‘noise’. Lauren is such a lovely person to spend time with and her coaching always feels so natural and never pushy. I also enjoyed connecting with some other amazing ladies and bouncing ideas off each over. Over all it was a super useful way to spend a day and definitely something I would do again.
— Suzie Rae, Sun Ray Fitness & Nutrition
I first met Lauren at a yoga festival where I attended one of her workshops about intention setting. I love making lists and goals so this was something I felt drawn to. I was really interested to find out more about Lauren and what she offered. After having a chat with her on Skype, I felt that Lauren had something to offer that could help me so I booked a Breakthrough Session. My problem was I had so many ideas and didn’t really know where to start. Lauren helped me breakdown my ideas, prioritise and brainstorm what I wanted to achieve. After the session with her, I realised I could do what I wanted to but not all at once! The session gave me a clear path to follow especially since before the session I felt overwhelmed with ideas and not knowing where to start! Lauren is a warm and kind person who guides you. The session was at her house, in a relaxed environment. We got along really well, both being Virgos! If you are stuck with where to go next, have lots of ideas or just need to bounce crazy business proposals off someone then Lauren has the tools!
— Hannah Pettitt Malafaia, Wellbeing entrepreneur
Signing up to The Inspire Tribe was the best investment I made to bring to life my passion and thoughts of how I want to own my business in supporting others. Lauren’s vibe is uplifting and inspiring. The workbooks were designed to support you in revealing the real you, breaking down barriers you are putting in the way of success and helping you navigate this sometimes emotional journey. One to one sessions gave space just for you, whilst the safe and friendly group gave a platform to share ideas, support each other on our journeys, and make new like minded friends. Lauren is never far away to offer support and guidance and she is passionate in wanting you to succeed, and believe in yourself, whilst growing self love too. This is truly a great experience when venturing into your own business.
— Jacqui Clark, Creative Entrepreneur
I met Lauren at a pretty low point in my life, I needed to get my business moving but had no confidence and no voice to promote myself. Lauren has been more than just a great coach on the business side. She has gently guided me (and when needed, pushed me!) to help me find my way again, given me focus and helped me be brave. With Lauren beside me I am now confident I will be able to promote and build a successful business.
— Jane, Reflexologist & Wellbeing Practitioner
Lauren’s coaching has been transformational. She is real and authentic and understands and listens to her client’s needs and wants. She empowers you to make changes that align with who and where you want to be and is by your side the entire journey. She helped me to get unstuck so many times and I got crystal clear on my message and visions for my business.
— Alison Nixon, Health Coach
Thank you so much Lauren for your time, patience and support over the last couple of months helping me set up my new website. I’m delighted with it and think it looks so professional and smart which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. When we started I didn’t feel confident at all, but with your help and encouragement you helped me prove to myself that I can actually do this, despite resistance from me along the way!
— Sandra Rackliffe Nutrition
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