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All this talk about self love...  but what if you are struggling to even like yourself at times?

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Self love is a word that is used A LOT... in fact I think it is overused. For me, it was never as easy as 'just loving myself'...

Before I could even begin to think about self love and being accepting and happy with my body, my life and my emotions - I had to start with liking myself!

I will be honest with you... some days it is hard to look in the mirror and see myself with completely loving eyes. It is hard to see my messiness with true compassion. Love feels very far away in these moments, which is why I think that starting with like can be a less daunting challenge to overcome.

I have created a mini tool kit to help you in those moments when Self love feels far away.

In your tool kit you will get...

  • A short meditation to help you find gratitude and acceptance for the place you are currently in.
  • An audio lesson to listen to sharing some of my tips to find self like.
  • A journal worksheet that you can download and use as a template whenever you need a little self like support.

When self love feels far away, bring it back to self like.

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