There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.”




In a world where we are so connected to others, it seems ironic that many of us are very disconnected from ourselves.

When we disconnect from ourselves, we lose the ability to make heartfelt decisions, take action in the right direction and follow our intuition. This often leads to unease such as anxiety, body image issues, unhealthy eating, self depreciation and a range of other modern day lifestyle strains.

Connection to ourselves can look different for everyone, and it will continuously change throughout your life. Connection to your emotions, to your body, to your purpose… all of these things will undoubtedly become unbalanced at times. In fact, life is very rarely in true balance – we are evolving beings and with that comes the probability that our equilibrium will be a little off centre at times.

This online 28 day group programme utilises my skills as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide and empathetic human being in order to help you reconnect with your body, your breath, your mind, your purpose, your strength and above all…

your true self.

I wanted to get back to my yoga mat after a 4 year gap and have some time for me. I enjoyed the meditation and have learned to instill boundaries and that time for me is OK! The group felt safe and honest and I didn’t want the programme to end!
— Sharon Taylor

This is an online programme which will provide you with the tools, the motivation and the support to reconnect back to your mind, body, strength and purpose.

Bringing together…

  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Mindful Movement
  • And a community of like minded people

The 28 Day Reconnect programme can be done in your own time and at your own pace. You choose when, how and where – I will simply provide you with the tools and a safe space to share your journey – if you wish – with myself and others.

You might be a beginner yogi or a seasoned practitioner – this programme is designed to be accessible and is not about fancy poses.

It is about connecting back with yourself in order for you to grow in confidence, understand your own strength and get to know your mind and body again.

Every Sunday throughout the programme you will receive an email containing your guide for the week. This will include 2 yoga videos (around 20 - 30 minutes in length) and 1 guided meditation.

You can choose your schedule for the week, but it is suggested that you use the meditation daily and do each yoga video twice in the seven day period.

Every day there will be support in the private Facebook group (which you will be added to prior to the programme starting) and you are encouraged to share your experiences within this group.

In addition I will post a live Facebook video in the group once a week in order to give you the chance to ask questions and learn more about my own reconnecting experiences. 

I honestly enjoyed all parts of the course in different ways but something that was new for me was the meditation which I really loved and practiced almost every day. This helped me with relaxation stress relief and my migraines and just connecting to myself which was something I wasn’t necessarily expecting to gain from the course. I took the journey as a real gift and a way to spend more time focussing on myself, body and mind.
— Sophie Phillips

If you are feeling a bit stuck in your ways, need a little shake up in your routine, have been wanting to get ‘back on track’ with your yoga or meditation, or simply want to try something fun, join a community of amazing people and find out a little more about your own mind and body – then this is for you!

During the programme you can expect to feel a difference in your mental and physical strength, become more aware of how your body responds to breath and movement, discover just how strong you can be and create your own set of tools to help you find energy, motivation and realise your own inner power.

I wanted to get back into yoga and the reconnect idea was really appealing to me. I loved the delivery of the programme. It was so great at last to have something like this that you can flex around other commitments. And if life changes then you don’t miss out and can catch up later! I really enjoyed the friendly reminders through Facebook so you keep thinking on what you are doing and making the space for yourself.
— Rebecca

The next programme begins on Sunday 3rd september 2017 and runs for 28 days.

Full price £68


Once you have signed up I will contact you with a pre-course questionnaire and information about the forthcoming programme. If you have any questions please contact me on

I gained so much from the course, but probably mentally more than physically. I loved the yoga and can feel how that helps me physically, but it was what came up in my feelings and being kinder towards myself that has been the biggest change!
— Gillian Wardle