they asked her, "how did you free yourself?"

she answered, "by embracing my own power." Yung pueblo

My intention with this unique coaching programme is to support ambitious and determined women connect back to their intuitive super powers and start living the life that they have always dreamed of.

This programme shares many of the tools that I have learned during my training as a Holistic Health Coach, as well as what I have found beneficial in my own reconnection journey, including...

  • Providing you with a safe space to help you unearth your deepest passions and find your way through transition and transformation.
  • Bringing in positive and empowering mindset & coaching techniques that will guide you to your purpose.
  • Integrating yoga & creative movement techniques to help you tap into your own body wisdom.
  • Supporting you with bespoke meditations to help you feel replenished and connected to your breath, body and soul.
  • Sharing 'Real Talk' about what it is to be a female in the world today. Yes that means learning about how your womanly wisdom can guide you!
  • Working with you to create your own self care tool kit to help you be the shiniest and most magical version of you.

Sound good?

Now is the time.

I was a bit anxious about coaching and what it could do for me but having suffered for too long with stress and a big transition in my life I felt like I had to do it! Lauren’s style of coaching has allowed me to gain so much. Through simply talking, reflecting and being allowed the non-judgemental space to really process all of what I was and had been going through suddenly it all started to make sense. Lauren’s approach, tools, techniques and words of wisdom allowed me to gain a confidence, direction and sense of peace and calm about myself that I really didn’t expect to achieve.
— Gemma Rodgers


The body talks... if we can just find a way to reconnect and listen.

Until a few years ago I had switched off all the messages that my body sent to me.

IBS symptoms, anxiety, menstrual problems, panic attacks, disordered eating, excessive adrenaline and poor sleep. Just a handful of the delights that I felt I had been lumbered with.

I was angry, frustrated and felt victimised that these things were happening TO me.

But now I realise that they happened FOR me.

Because the body talks. If we will just quieten ourselves enough to listen.

And my body was telling me that there was something out of alignment. I wasn't living my purpose and passion.

You can read more about my own journey


if not you, who? if not now, when?

I love Lauren’s approach. I would say the biggest thing I’ve taken from the programme is the concept of giving yourself time without any negative thoughts. This is something I have been trying to work on but Lauren’s support and encouragement with this has really taken my self care game up to the next level! I took the journey as a real gift and a way to spend more time focusing on myself, body and mind.
— Sophie Phillips


Our innate desire as women is to create, to nurture, to support and to give. but some of us have lost our way.

I am here to tell you that you CAN have the life that you dream of.

I believe that pretty much anything is possible if you have the right tools and support and I want to hold space for you to transform, create, flow and embrace the adventure.

I truly, wholeheartedly believe that you can be both strong and soft, ambitious and accepting, kind and determined. You can be both wild and wise, sassy and structured.

You can have it alL BEAUTIFUL!

I really enjoyed working with Lauren and would most definitely recommend her to anyone working through a transition (business or personal). The questions Lauren asked in our sessions made me really think - but in a slightly different way. It was a bit uncomfortable at times (mainly because I’d been trying to kid myself about certain issues!), but it was really useful in moving forward.
— Rhea Freeman

12 weeks of 'you'

Over the course of 12 weeks we will work together to...

  • Rediscover your passions and direction
  • Explore the things in life that excite you
  • Connect you to your flow and alignment
  • Help you deal with transition and your own evolution
  • Make a clear plan, with action steps, to make your dreams a reality
  • Tap back in to all of the things you truly are - playful, sensual, fun, loving, oh yes... and a total badass!

You will get...

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions conducted fortnightly over Skype (or in person if local to Kent)
  • Access to my private Reconnected Woman Facebook group which is exclusive to women who have invested in my offerings.
  • Accountability email and Whatsapp support if you have a wobble (we all have them!)
  • 8 Yoga empowering practices on video to help you reconnect through movement at home during the programme.
  • 4 guided meditations to help you reconnect to your breath, body and stillness during the 12 week programme.
  • Discounted offerings on retreats, events, classes and workshops that I am running throughout the 12 weeks.

What is the investment?

Pay in three, monthly installments of £299


Pay the full amount of £799 (saving of £98) PLUS get a free personalised guided meditation recorded just for you after our first session.

Lauren’s support was incredibly thorough, insightful, and encouraging. I would highly recommend Lauren’s programme to anyone wanting to learn something new about themselves and wanting to move forward with a bit of helpful guidance.
— Anna Dewhurst

You are ambitious and ready to take action.

You are open minded, prepared to work on yourself, and are game for a giggle!

You are interested in personal development, wellbeing and a little bit of woo woo magic!

You have the desire for MORE out of life.

You want someone who 'has got your back' to support you through the adventure.

You are willing to invest time and money into making this magic happen.

You are prepared to believe that anything is possible!