"when you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with cries of 'me too', be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe."


Do you want to use your own journey to inspire others?

Are you thinking about setting up a blog or social platform, or even a new business and/or side hustle where you can share your messages and build your own community?

Perhaps you have already started communicating your messages and you want to take it a step further and you feel that the support and inspiration from a group of like-minded ladies would help you reach new levels?

Do you feel like you want to make magic in the world alongside other inspirational women who will all come together to help each other grow and evolve?

Are you feeling excited but slightly terrified and overwhelmed at the prospect of taking a step forward all by yourself?

My intention for The Inspire tribe is to create a small group of conscious women who are looking to share their own beautiful and unique voice to empower and hold space for others.

could THIS be You?


I believe in collaboration, not competition.

I believe that with the right support and guidance, we can achieve anything.

I believe that there is great strength in community and that working together is where our power lies.

I believe that in order to grow and evolve, we need connection. To ourselves and to others.

I believe that we don't have to do this all by ourselves anymore, that the magic lies in coming together, connecting and creating long lasting relationships.

This is why I have created The Inspire Tribe.

The Inspire Tribe is a twelve week group mentoring programme which brings together a small group of ambitious, conscious women who want to create magic in their lives and share their messages to the world.

In my personal experience, building up your tribe and community gives you both a ready-made group of people who are connected to you should you wish to create a sustainable business offering, and also provides you with an amazing way to learn, develop and expand your own personal growth.

Over the course of twelve weeks, I will guide and support you through the adventurous journey of turning your own journey into a message, building up a community of people, and having the confidence to share your voice loud and clear.

In my own experience, the result of doing this is two-fold. You will not only be inspiring others, but you will be inspiring your own development and evolution.

I will support you by... .

  • Providing a safe space to help you delve deeper into your story, passions and big visions so that you can make positive steps towards reaching your wishes and dreams.
  • Helping you develop a positive and inspiring mindset in order to evolve, transform and grow without the risk of being held back by limiting beliefs and doubts.
  • Teaching you how to set and work with intentions, as well as staying accountable to them, in order to keep that all-important momentum going towards your big visions.
  • Sharing my knowledge and experience of building up a community using social platforms so that you too can create a tribe of like minded people that 'get you' and would be ready to invest in your services at the drop of a hat.
  • Exploring with you the ways you can create amazing content that will inspire and empower your tribe to help you fulfill your wishes to support and share.
  • Offering up my own lessons and learnings of exactly what it takes to build a sustainable online and offline business through various communication platforms.
  • Helping you learn how to implement your own wellbeing boundaries in order to thrive through the process and maintain yourself as an inspiring figure to your community.
  • Giving you both the strategic and mindset tools to move forwards in the adventure. We are in this together Beautiful!

The 12 week programme includes the following...

  • An initial intention setting kit sent in the post to you before the programme begins.
  • 6 online modules sent out via email every fortnight, with a downloadable workbook and action steps to help take you forward.
  • Three 60 minute private one-to-one Skype sessions with me spread over the twelve weeks to help you work through any blocks or ask specific questions related to your journey.
  • An exclusive support group run through Facebook, with daily (weekday) accountability check-ins, challenges and exercises to help you stay on your path.
  • The chance to share your ideas and content for feedback and guidance in a safe group environment.
  • A fortnightly group live Q&A session in the Facebook group.
  • Practical and mindset related email support throughout the twelve weeks, from technical questions to emotional wobbles.
  • A Whatsapp accountability group for 'instant support' when needed.

LETS get to the nitty gritty of the programme shall we?

The twelve weeks will comprise of 6 different modules, all geared towards helping you get clearer on your messages, find your voice and start communicating authentically to the world! Each module will include mindset work to help you evolve, as well as practical tools and strategy to help you grow your personal brand.

This programme is bespoke to the group of women taking part, which means I will intuitively tailor it to the needs of the group, however the structure will cover the following...

Module 1: Why do you feel drawn to inspire others?

Here we will get clear on your adventure so far, look at what has brought you to this point and work on your 'why'! We will look at all the things that inspire you and how you can use that inspiration to help you step forwards. We will get clear on your intentions for the course, and begin to create an action plan for the twelve weeks with clear visions and aims. This module is all about you - because ultimately that is why people will come to your platform.

Module 2: Using your story to inspire.

Going deeper into your own story and discovering what has lead you to this place. What are you comfortable sharing? What do you feel is relevant to your intentions? I will help you get clear on your story and we will then focus very much on content techniques and strategy, as well as deciding which sharing platforms feel authentic to you. This module is all about giving you the confidence to feel comfortable with your own journey and how that could inspire others.

Module 3: Who do you want to inspire?

This module is heavily focused on who it is you want to support and inspire with your messages? We get to delve deeper into 'your dream tribe' and what you want them to experience when they come to your platform and connect with you. Yes, we are going to get specific, but we will have fun with it! In this module I will help you establish what it is you can share with your tribe to inspire them, and what action you would like them to take.

Module 4: Creative inspiration

This module is where we start to get creative! We will look at the platforms that we want to use to get our messages out, now that we know the What, Why and Who. This module will be all about beginning to create your platforms, and getting creative with your own branding using simple tools and resources. This is a fun module and I will support you from both a mindset point of view and a practical point of view, helping you create branding that reflects you as a person. 

Module 5: Inspiring content

By now you will be clear on what messages you want to put out there, who you want to talk to, how you want to do this and you will have a space to begin sharing. In this module we will look at how to create consistent content that is aligned with your authentic voice, we will combine creativity and structure to build a content strategy that works for you - whether that is writing, videos, social posts, imagery, e-books, etc. This is all about delving deeper and exploring the different forms of content that you can share.

Module 6: Inspiring your tribe

This last module will be focused on how you can build your tribe and create an engaged community of people to share your message with and inspire. We will look at how you can use Facebook, Instagram and tools such as Mailchimp to build your tribe and ultimately expand the number of people you are reaching. We will also use this module to create a strategy of how to take the next steps as you continue your adventure.

By the end of this course, you will have clarity, focus and structure when it comes to sharing your inspiration with your tribe!


You are a team player and want to join an ambitious tribe

You want a strong online presence when it comes to your magic messages.

You are open minded, interested in personal development, wellbeing and a little bit of woo woo magic!

You have the desire to inspire others with your journey.

You want a tribe of lovely ladies who 'have got your back' to support you through the adventure.

You are willing to invest time and money into making this magic happen.

You are prepared to believe that anything is possible!


currently the inspire tribe registration is not open for application. Please register your interest by submitting the form below to be notified of the next enrollment.

See below for a list of commonly asked questions OR if you are ready to jump straight in then fill out the application form below and we can set up a quick call to chat and make sure our tribe is aligned.


below are some of the commonly asked questions in regard to the inspire tribe. I am of course happy to answer any further queries you might have via email or phone call.

I haven't got a blog or website yet, can I join?
You certainly can! Part of the process during our sessions will be authentic branding and creating your platform, so whether you have an existing site that you would like to evolve, or haven't yet created a platform, we can work together on this.

I don't want to create a business, I just want to create a blog to share my messages, is this course right for me?
Absolutely - my business began with me simply wanting to share my experiences on a blog, and that creates the perfect platform for inspiring others - so even if you don't want to make financial gain from your messages, this programme will help you develop a personal brand and an authentic platform for you to share on.

I don't use social media, and don't plan to, will this be a problem?
This programme relies heavily on social media as I believe it is a very important vehicle for spreading your messages, so unfortunately if you are not a fan of social media, then I don't think this is the one for you!

I am going on holiday during the programme, will this be a problem?
Not at all. You will always be able to catch up and you will also have long term access to all of the content from the programme in your emails.

Will I have to pay for anything in addition to the course?
There are no hidden extras in the programme itself, however you may have to purchase memberships from platforms such as Squarespace or Wordpress should you decide you would like to use them, as well as a custom domain name. There are also options to purchase upgrades on software such as Canva and Mailchimp should you require them.

How much time will I need to spend on the modules and course?
This is very much dependent on how much time you would like to spend. I recommend spending at least 2 hours a week on the modules and the challenges set in the Facebook group, but you can spend less time and catch up when you can, or more time if you have it.

How often does the programme run?
Currently this programme only runs once a year.

Can I pay by credit card or Paypal?
Yes, there are a number of payment options which we can discuss in our conversation together.

How many people will be on the programme?
This programme is limited to twelve women so it will be a small and intimate group.

If you have any more specific questions please click the button below and get in touch so I can answer your queries.