your invitation to join a wild and adventurous ride…

Join a global sisterhood of remembrance as we evolve and reclaim ourselves together.

The journey of transformation, re-awakening and activating our deepest truths and desires can feel lonely and overwhelming, but when surrounded by those who are willing to hold our hand, with fierce but nurturing love, the leaps feel less daunting.

Join us on this beautiful journey as we reclaim parts of ourselves that have long been hidden, and go through the metamorphosis together.

Side by side…

Heart to heart.

This is The Wild RIDE PORTAL…

You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.

A powerful membership portal that will support you in Re-awakening your true wild, wondrous self…

You have arrived here for a reason. Something deep within has called you to remember.

Take my hand, join your sisters, and let’s journey through this all together.

The Wild Ride portal brings together a collection of tools that I have discovered and learned along my own journey. I am now so honoured to share them with my sisters.

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Each month we will dive deeply into a different theme to uncover, awaken and activate parts of ourselves that may have been dimmed or forgotten. The themes are carefully chosen intuitively to expand our mind, body and soul to help us uderstand our own beautifully raw and magically messy truths…

You will get access to a number of tools to support you in this re-awakening, including…

  • A yoga nidra practice to replenish and restore your body while also acting as a gateway to your deepest truths and heart’s desires.

  • A potent embodiment practice video that can be done regularly to help you connect deeply to your physical body.

  • A different inspiring guest teacher joining us every month to share wisdom from their chosen field, hand picked based on their authenticity and of course aligned to our monthly theme.

  • A series of journal prompts to help with self enquiry.

  • Bonus live videos, movement and meditation practices and resources shared throughout the month in the private Facebook sisterhood group.

  • A safe and sacred online sisterhood, held on Facebook, for accountability, sharing, support and connection.

You can expect a wide and varied collection of monthly themes that will support you in body, mind, soul, career and /or business, wellbeing, relationships, creativity, self expression and much more!

A little taste of the kind of some of the things to come over the next few lunar months…

CREATE: Take aligned action to create the life that you have always dreamed of. Yes it is possible!

POWER: Unearth and rediscover your own unique superpowers - and learn how to use them to make magic in your life.

EXPAND: Allow yourself to be the most incredible, powerful and expanded self yet!

This is for you if…

  • You are going through transition and transformation in your life - whether it is relationships, career, health or personal circumstances - and require tools and support for the journey.

  • You feel disconnected from the ‘you’ that you believe you are meant to be and you want to re-awaken her.

  • You have had a ‘wake up’ to things being out of alignment in your current lifestyle - and you know that change is essential.

  • You know that change is on the horizon, but the uncertainty and unknown is making you feel anxious and frozen.

  • You know and trust that there is ‘more’ to this life - but you need support in re-discovering it.

  • You are ready to step up and rise with a group of powerful women who are reclaiming their wild, messy, beautiful selves.

  • You are prepared to get a little uncomfortable at times during the growth process - nothing changes in the comfort zone!

  • You desire deep conversations, truth, collective wisdom and a safe space to express yourself freely.

What is the investment?

The Wild Ride investment is just £44 per calendar month, for 13 lunar months of content. You can unsubscribe at any time, there are no fixed contracts.

For the first 50 founding members there is a 25% lifetime discount, bringing the investment to £33.

It is amazing what magic happens by simply investing in yourself. By signing up to this portal, you will already be opening yourself up for wonderful things.

If you are called to find out more and join us, please click the button below…

I am so excited for you to join me on this wild ride!