Episode 19: Listening to the Language of our Body with Clare Fairhurst


In this episode of Unravelling, I chatted to my friend Clare Fairhurst. While the overall sentiments of this episode is about listening to our own body’s language, there are so many incredible insights on the challenges we face as humans in this messy process of life. If you have ever experienced ill health, lack of energy, rock bottom or you simply want to learn more about your own intuitive wisdom when it comes to your wellbeing - this is the episode for you.

Clare has been on her own unravelling journey over the past few years, which started out in nursing. She is a qualified nutritional therapist and wellness guide, passionate about supporting people to live in their natural state of wellness by reconnecting with their inner wisdom and language of the body. This means looking beyond just nutrition and considering nourishment of the mind, body and the soul.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Clare's personal journey in the wellbeing world, including nutritional therapy, chakra school and a host of other spiritual and embodiment tools she has learned along the way.

  • How she sees illness as a beautiful language of communication that has long been forgotten, and some of the ways we can connect back to our own wisdom.

  • The power of getting quiet and listening - even just for five minutes!

  • What rock bottom has meant to her and how she has learned to see the gifts in the darkest moments of her life.

  • How we can increase our energy using non food related nourishment, including the power of doing something that we love.

  • The difference between emotional and physical hunger.

And much, much more!

Connect with Clare at www.clarefairhurst.com
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