Episode 21: Eating For Your Menstrual Cycle with Madeline MacKinnon

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In this episode of Unravelling, I got to chat the lovely Madeline MacKinnon from Natural Hormone Healing about all things menstrual cycle and food!

Madeline is a certified nutritionist and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing. She believes in peeling back the layers that surround the root of your hormone imbalance, exposing it, and then treating it with a combination of food, herbs and lifestyle remedies. She runs an online course called Eating For Your Cycle where she teaches people how to heal fertility struggles and menstrual issues by customising the diet for the phases of the cycle.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Madeline’s own journey to become a nutritionist and focus on women’s health specifically.

  • Cycle awareness and how you can start tracking your own cycle very simply.

  • The different phases of the menstrual cycle and the way we can nourish our body using nutrition to help decrease symptoms such as PMS, cramps and other menstrual issues.

  • How to work cyclically when there is no menstrual bleed, including during the menopause.

  • How your cycle can guide you to decide when the best time is to rest/have sex/ask for a pay rise/go out dancing!

  • The power in sisterhood, ritual and surrendering during the menstrual cycle.

And much, much more!

A few resources to help you along with this episode…

How to reduce menstrual cramps
How to eat for your cycle - the basics
The online Eating For Your Cycle course

Connect with Madeline at www.naturalhormonehealing.com
Follow Madeline on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

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