Episode 2: Exploring Ayurveda with Janae Christopher

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In this episode of Unravelling, I had the honour of speaking to a great friend and definite aligned soul, Janae Christopher.

Janae has made it her life's work to be of service to women in reawakening their inner healer and coming back into alignment with the rhythms of the cosmos. What started as her own journey to heal from chronic illness has now evolved into guiding women back to full, passionate, & embodied living through a multi modality approach with Ayurveda at its heart.

In this episode we explore...

  • What it means to live an embodied, elemental life alongside Ayurveda (The Science of Life).
  • Janae's own healing journey from chronic illness.
  • How she believes healing is within us all, how we can awaken our inner healer and how we can work with our body to support that.
  • How the trauma of menarche (a woman's first period) can leave lasting effects on our menstrual cycle.
  • How we are living in an ojas (vigor and vitality) depleted society, and simple practices we can do for ourselves to replenish this.
  • How to introduce simple ayurvedic practices to everyday life.

And much, much more!

Resources mentioned on the show...

Eat, Taste, Heal book

You can connect with Janae, and find out more about her work at www.ojashouse.com
Follow her on Instagram here
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