Episode 7: Lessons from the mountains

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In this episode of Unravelling, I am flying solo to share with you some of the things that I learned over my recent adventure on the three highest mountains in the UK...

A few months ago I decided to embark on a challenge that I had always wanted to attempt - but never truly believed I could. However as of July 13th (which of course happened to be a new moon!) I have officially completed this adventure. I wanted to record an episode as soon as I could after returning so that I could share what those mountains taught me, and here it is.

In this episode I share...

  • What mindset lessons I learned throughout the whole process - which can be applicable to any life challenges - not just mountains.
  • How gratitude came back to support me once again.
  • How I dealt with the physical and emotional elements of being away from home and out of my comfort zone.
  • The beautiful way that mother nature reflects back to you exactly what you need... even if you don't know it!

And much, much more!

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