Episode 17: Making Leaps and Trusting My Yoga Journey

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In this episode of Unravelling, I unveil a messy truth that I am working through myself at the moment.

My own yoga journey has been incredibly powerful and lead me to where I am now, but as I currently face a crossroads with my teaching I explore in this episode the leaps and trust that it has taken to get me here, and the unknown of what is coming next…

In this episode I share...

  • The story of my own yoga journey, including all about my teacher training in Costa Rica.

  • Why I am putting a ‘pause’ on teaching classes even though I still enjoy it.

  • Why it is important to trust the intuitive nudges that we are given, even when they don’t make sense ‘on paper’.

  • Devoting ourselves to the things that light us up.

  • Why ‘not knowing’, is a very exciting thing indeed…

And much, much more!

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