Episode 13: Understanding the power of pleasure with Caroline D'Arcy

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In this episode of Unravelling, I had the PLEASURE of speaking to the wonderful Caroline D'Arcy of Inti-Mate about female pleasure and the power it holds...

Caroline D'Arcy is the founder of Inti-Mate, the growing hub of sex education for grown ups. She is a somatic sex educator, personal coach and, most of all, pleasure enthusiast. She believes that for centuries, we have grown-up with a lack of pleasure-infused sex education, and therefore solely relying on damaging cultural messaged leaves us hating about how our bodies look, having no idea how to influence our own libidos and worrying about how to really please our partners.

Caroline is on a mission for this to be the last generation where female sexuality is masked in fear and shame.

In this episode we discuss...

  • How Caroline came to do this work.

  • Exactly how the female arousal system works, how different women's pleasure is to men's, and how we can work WITH that rather than avoid it.

  • How important our state of mind is when it comes to sexual pleasure and intimacy.

  • Shame around sexuality and pleasure, and how we can start to shift this.

  • Why it is the time to start shifting the current outlook on sexuality and pleasure.

And much, much more!

Resources we mention from the show...

Come as you are book

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