Episode 15: Awakening our Womb Wisdom with Rebecca Wilson


In this episode of Unravelling, I got to speak to Rebecca Wilson, a wonderful WOMBan who is on a quest to hold space for women to heal their connection to their womb space and menstrual cycle.

Rebecca Wilson facilitates Womb Yoga, Womb Connection- Healing- Awakening, Embodied Free and is a Womens Wellness coach. She supports women through all stages of their menstrual health and the years beyond menstruation. Rebecca’s offerings are drawn from various lineages of teachings, womb awakening, womb connection, energy healing & the shamanic womb medicine wheel. She has been called a spiritual midwife for women’s womb awakening.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Rebecca’s journey with contraceptive methods and synthetic hormones, including the pill and the implant.

  • Her own womb awakening journey during yoga teacher training in Bali a few years ago.

  • The shame that has been built up about menstruation and our shared passion for bringing more conversation to everyday life around our cycles.

  • Some simple practices to begin the journey of awakening to the wisdom that the womb offers.

And much, much more!

Connect with Rebecca at www.rebecca-wilson.com
Follow Rebecca on Instagram here.
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Rebecca and I met on the wonderful Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s Womb Yoga Teacher Training course earlier in 2018. I want to express such gratitude towards Uma for delivering this work and teaching us her wisdom - it was a truly awakening experience for all who came together in circle. You can find out more about Uma’s work here.

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