The Intuitive Biz Forecast for August

Embracing growth in your business this August...

Having been using Oracle cards myself for guidance and inspiration a lot recently, I have unearthed so many amazing 'ah ha' moments by combining regular readings with journaling, so I decided that it might be time to share this with you all!

This will be the first monthly Biz Forecast that I do for you, and if you like it and it helps then please do let me know and I will make it a regular thang!

I am using the beautiful Sacred Creators Oracle Deck here, which landed in my hands a few weeks ago. I couldn't love these cards more and they have fast become my business buddies. They have been lovingly created by Chris-Anne and I am so grateful to her for bringing them into the world!

The aftermath of July

I am not sure about you, but July was a challenging month in terms of ALL THE QUESTIONS! I am a naturally curious person by nature, but this was next level curiosity. Constantly questioning my purpose, my truth, my passions, my next steps... it was an intense month and I was pretty grateful when I realised that I had navigated my way through it without any major trauma!!!

August feels a little lighter, although I am pretty sure it will still have its challenges as I know there is a sh*t tonne of things going on in the cosmos with Eclipses and all sorts!

Using my Monthly Biz Spread (which you can get for yourself by scrolling to the bottom of this post and clicking the button) I have created the following Biz Forecast for us all to help us grow and evolve in ourselves and our businesses this month.

Just a little disclaimer here... I am not giving advice, I am not a psychic, and I am not telling you how to run your business here, I am simply sharing the messages I have got from these cards and if they resonate with you and help you move forwards, then that is awesome...

Our instant action/daily guidance message... Light In The Unexpected

We often fixate on an outcome, or a pattern which we believe is 'supposed' to happen - however being open to something different occurring could lead to more clarity and focus. Very often the things we fear the most, or the challenges we have faced, lead us towards our purpose and enable us to share our own unique truths and experiences in order to serve and support others. Trust that no matter what is coming up for you right now, is going to lead you towards lightness and ease.

Our weekly focus point... Welcome The Divine Masculine

We are all made up of both masculine and feminine energies and this card is suggesting to me that now is the time to make intuitive action towards the things we really want to create in our business. There is a time to embrace the softer more nurturing feminine energy, however perhaps right now it is time to rise up and take some bold steps forwards using the power of the masculine energy. This is a reminder that while it is very important to set intentions and allow flow in our business, the things we really want will only come to us once we take inspired and positive action towards them. We need to do the work and can't just sit back and wait for things to happen.

Our monthly focus for August... Befriend The Word Polarize

This card is definitely trying to get my attention at the moment as it has come up countless times over the past week or so. Sometimes things look different to what we expect - in fact sometimes they look like the polar opposites of what we thought they would be and this can be very scary to acknowledge. We often cling on to the vision we used to have of our business and in doing so we block the growth and natural evolution that is waiting to unfold. This in itself can stop the flow of income, creativity and fulfilment. Are you speaking your truth at the moment and being honest about the direction your business is going? Or could it be time to explore a different part of the path? Remember, our businesses are a continually evolving process and it is OK to change direction.

Our guidance for beyond August... The Now

I pulled this as the very first card when I got this deck and it really reinforces to me the need to trust that wherever we are right now is the exact place we need to be. I feel this is about bringing more trust into all areas of our businesses. From the ability to relax and surrender to the challenges we face to the knowing that everything will happen in the time it is supposed to. Finding joy and fun in our business right now - instead of feeling as though we have to wait to earn a certain amount of money or get to a particular stage - will bring you peace and freedom.

The supportive card to help us on our way... Changemaker Make Waves

You are already making waves in your own life and the lives of others. You don't need to wait in order to feel confident and successful, you can do that now. Even when it is difficult to see, you are creating a ripple effect just by being true to yourself and 'doing you'! Shift your mindset away from any beliefs that you are not making a difference and remember that it isn't just the big waves that reach the shore.

Just as an aside from me...

I feel that August is a time to replenish and really up the self care game. Combined with continuously making steps towards your visions and keeping your intentions in mind. Whether you are off on a summer holiday or simply staying at home, give yourself permission to spend time recharging and reconnecting to yourself and when September comes you will have laid some strong foundations for the changing season ahead.

Please do let me know if any of this resonates with you or helps you on your way. If you want to use the same spread that I have used you can download a PDF that you can save using the button below. You can also book a Business Breakthrough session, which includes your own personal card reading, with me by clicking here.

Wishing you a joy-filled August.