The Intuitive Biz Forecast for September

What does September have in store for our business growth?

Welcome to my monthly Intuitive Biz Forecast. This is something I create for myself to help guide me through the month ahead when it comes to moving forward in my business growth and after receiving so much feedback on my weekly card readings and my August forecast, it is going to now be a monthly thing that I share with you all here too!

Once again I have used the beautiful Sacred Creators Oracle Deck for this reading, these cards have become a huge part of my business - both in my one to one readings with clients, in my personal readings and now in these collective readings too.

August had its ups and downs...

I went into August thinking it was going to be full of self care - and I wasn't wrong. But instead of it being selectively restful - it felt a little more forceful than I would have liked. A weird cold left me losing my voice, and my exhaustion seemed to be next level! It was also my birthday - 34 years old - and that brought up the usual anxieties about being another year older. I spent some time looking back over the past 12 months at what I had learned - and WOW! It is fair to say that my 34th year on this planet was pretty intense/immense/emotional/amazing!

Despite requiring a lot of rest (and a lot of episodes of Heartland!) August was a month full of growth - both from my creative experiences and from my business evolution - and for that I am very grateful. I felt brave enough to write a lot more from the heart, I worked with new clients, ran several workshops including one at Soul Circus Festival, and connected with many new amazing souls.

How was August for you? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post or send me an email if you have anything you would like to share!

Let's see what September has in store for us shall we?

Just a little disclaimer here... I am not giving advice, I am not a psychic, and I am not telling you how to run your business here, I am simply sharing the messages I have got from these cards and if they resonate with you and help you move forwards, then that is awesome...


Our instant action/daily guidance message... Prosperity's Sisters Are Happiness And Joy

In order to bring prosperity into our life and business, we can't ignore or avoid joy. Joy can feel self indulgent and very 'un-business-like' because we are generally conditioned to believe that work equals struggle and stress. But what if we were to just focus on welcoming more joy into our work life? What joyful moments can you allow into your daily life right now? You DO deserve to have plenty of joy in your work life, but what is getting in the way right now? Don't forget to reconnect to your joy on a regular basis - if you want some journal prompts to help you with this process then download my job worksheet by clicking here.

Our weekly focus point... External Validation

Well this card needs little explanation - I am sure we are all familiar of looking outside of ourselves to get answers and receive a signal that we are on the right path from other people's feedback. I totally resonate with that feeling - who doesn't like receiving positive comments and reinforcement from the outside world? BUT... if you are defining your business success and self worth based on the number of likes on a social media post, the number of people who respond to your e-newsletter, or the amount of clients you have - then that can make your foundations a little wobbly. What if you were to praise yourself for your efforts and take a moment to feel proud of your work regardless?

Our monthly focus for August... Fierce Serenity

The words fierce and serenity are not always a combination you would put together, however this card is a great reminder of the importance of balance and allowing your strength, courage and action taking energy to meet beautifully with your calm, peaceful, intuitive energy, in order to create magic. You can be both fierce and serene in your business and personal life. Can you work on listening in this month to your energy and bringing both soft focus and powerful action? I think of this as the balance of masculine and feminine energy (which you can read more about in my blog here), and this message is coming up a lot for many of us at the moment. What makes you feel fierce? What makes you feel serene? And can you find a little balance between the two?

Our guidance for beyond August... Light In The Unexpected

This card came up last month as well, and I feel like it is here to remind us once more that life throws curve balls at us, and even when an outcome doesn't look like we expected it to, we are still learning, growing and evolving - despite it not always seeming that way. When life throws you something unexpected, can you look at it from a different perspective and shine light instead of seeing it as a de-railment? Can you let go of the need to control every situation and plan so rigidly that there isn't any space for magic in your work? One of my favourite quotes... 'when nothing is certain, anything is possible' just came to me and felt like a good depiction of this card. You can't be certain of things that are coming up, no matter how much you try and force or control them. Trust the magic and embrace the uncertainty. Fighting it will only cause you stress and anxiety.

The supportive card to help us on our way... The Now

Another card that popped up last reading! Definitely some lessons that need to be re-learned this month. Isn't that always the way? We think we have something 'nailed' and then it keeps coming round to teach us something else. In terms of how this card can support us on the journey this month, I feel that this is a message to sit in stillness and listen to how you feel right now. What is your heart and soul asking for in this moment? Can you trust that whisper? Each time you feel a little stuck or stagnant in your business, work or personal development, can you come back to taking action right now - even if it is the teeniest, tiniest step?

My personal instincts on September...

This is a month full of new beginnings. It feels like a time for replenishing energy and renewing practices that maybe haven't been serving us so far in our business and personal lives, and putting some foundations in place for the new season. This is a great time to start putting your efforts into some new, fresh ideas, even if those ideas don't exactly 'fit' your original plans. Maybe it is time to fall back in love with a hobby or creative outlet you have been neglecting? Don't forget that 'work' is not just about making money. Working on mindset, self development and personal growth is as important (if not more) than emails, marketing and client relationships.

Please do let me know if any of this resonates with you or helps you on your way. If you want to use the same spread that I have used you can download a PDF that you can save using the button below. You can also book a Business Breakthrough session, which includes your own personal card reading, with me by clicking here.

Happy September!