And you are a big part of that shift.

We are living in a lifetime that grants us the opportunity and potential to step up and speak our truth. To live a life of passion and purpose. To communicate our own life lessons in a way that empowers and inspires others.

We have the power to create change in both our own lives and the lives of others.

My name is Lauren and I am an intuitive business mentor, yoga teacher and ambitious multi-passionate woman.

I have hustled and forced my way through life for many years, repeatedly approaching my own business with a linear, 'get sh*t done' attitude. But in the process I lost my spirit and my joy. I burned myself out time after time to maintain a polished outer shell. I blocked off any emotion to prevent any accusations of being 'unstable'.

I disconnected from my mind, body and soul.

But there is a different way to do the work you were born to do (even if you don't know what that is yet).

A way that nourishes and replenishes your energy and brings you to life. A way that balances the all important feminine and masculine energies that we need to be both soft and strong.  A way that enables you the freedom to dream big and grow instinctively. A way that fulfills you. A way that is fun and joyful.

This is my online home and I am so pleased to welcome you.

I hold space for 'real talk'... not shiny 'everything is always sparkly' conversations... ... the messy, un-edited human version.

Here you can connect and collaborate with me. This space is where I share my own truth through writing and other creative outlets, as well as offer up my gatherings and mentoring opportunities.

Beautiful, sensual and strong - you are a creatrix, a wise and wild woman, a nurturing soul, a brave warrioress, a sensitive and instinctive being.

Let's make magic.