What you need from yoga is unique to you.

It will vary greatly each and every day. Whether it is a physical practice to bring movement, suppleness and strength to your body, or a quiet reflection inward to bring stillness and solace to your mind.

Yoga Asana is the physical practice of yoga and this is where most people begin their yoga journey, including myself.

My Yoga Asana classes and one-to-ones are dynamic and challenging, yet reflective and nurturing.


One of my inspirations, Donna Farhi, says...

“The emphasis on asana is specific to the age in which we live in, for we live in a time of extreme dissociation from bodily experience… This limb of yoga practice reattaches us to our body. In reattaching ourselves to our body we reattach ourselves to the responsibility of living a life guided by the undeniable wisdom of our body.”

For me... yoga is about reconnecting to our body and listening carefully to the messages it gives us.

I believe that if you can maintain your breath, focus and connection to our body during a challenging yoga pose, then you will be far more likely to cope with the challenges in every day life. And let's face it - real life has its challenges.

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Limited Private ONE-T-ONE sessions also available, CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO.

I love being in a class with Lauren. She makes me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and is able to challenge or modify to individual needs and how you are feeling. Lauren creates a lovely environment and there is always a lighthearted and welcoming atmosphere in all of her classes, which means everyone can enjoy the experience and get what they most need out of it without feeling any sort of judgement or expectations.
— Sophie Phillips



Weald Memorial Hall, Sevenoaks

7-8pm Evening Flow

£12 drop in. £60 for block of 6 (one free class).



The Ananda Clinic, Tonbridge

9.30-11am Strong Dynamic Flow

£15 drop in. £75 for block of 6 (one free class).

Lauren’s soothing voice and gentle demeanor will instantly guide you to a place of mindfulness. Paired with challenging, yet thoughtful sequencing, her yoga teaching style equals balance. It is a joy to be on the mat with her guiding you through your practice.
— Melissa O'Loughlin


Lauren has completely transformed my yoga practice by encouraging and helping me to find the confidence to explore different postures. She has taught me to listen to my body and to understand what it needs and to show up with an intention for my practice. Her classes are fun and they keep you fit. She practices safe yoga and will always provide adjustments if you have any discomfort. She is very compassionate and meets students where they are at in their practice.
— Alison Nixon

We had never tried yoga before, Lauren has been amazing creating different sessions each time to show us an overview of yoga. Lauren is calm, fun and reassuring. One of her best bits is not focusing on getting the perfect bendy Instagram poses and encouraging us to do what our bodies can and feel good! Now in love with yoga and would hugely recommend her.
— Lauren Walker

I have taken several classes with Lauren and find her style of relaxed teaching inspirational. She is very clear in instruction and manages to make us all relaxed calm and happy. Her 28 Day Reconnect programme is an interesting experience, it makes you think, concentrate and forget all the day to day trials as you try not to wobble to much out of the various poses. There is a lot of information available and she is always quick to answer emails or queries. I can thoroughly recommend Lauren as a great teacher, a lovely person and someone who is brave enough to share her insecurities with us all.
— Jen Walrond