Remembering and reclaiming the power of rest

Did you know you have access to a magical source of self healing?

Rest. Sacred, deep, rest.

But we seem to have forgotten how…

The Sisterhood of Rest.png
It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.
— Brene Brown

You rest right here
Upon the earth
A gift that you
Can give yourself

These precious moments
Yours to be
A time to replenish
A time to see

A time to remember
Your truest nature
A time to come home
To that sweet surrender

Join me in reclaiming our right to rest…

We have an epidemic of exhaustion on our hands… a depletion, a deeply worrying problem, a forgetting of something that is essential to our wellbeing.

We have forgotten how to rest.

Through the practice of Yoga Nidra we allow our physical body to rest and relax deeply, while our mind stays alert and awake in a state of consciousness.

This not only allows the body to heal, to recover, to replenish and restore our energy levels, but it provides us with the opportunity to access our own inner knowing, our own inner teacher.

Yoga Nidra has been my own personal lifeline for the past few years, it’s been my sanctuary, my truth compass, my body’s best friend. It has helped me heal my nervous system, see myself in new ways, and it has brought me back home to myself time and time again.

To me it’s a radical form of rest, a deep relaxation for the body giving your physical being a chance to catch up and reconnect to all the subtle layers of your self. It’s a union of the physical, energetic, emotional, intuitive and soul self.

By resting deeply and calming the nervous system, bringing it to a place it feels safe, we can access brain states that enable us to effectively re-programme beliefs and connect more and more to our true essence. It’s a gift that I feel so grateful to have discovered and so honoured to have had the opportunity to study under the guidance of Tanis Fishman from The School of Sankalpa. It’s a super power... a practice which is simple yet so utterly transformative and I’m very excited to share it.

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