A Digital Sanctuary to facilitate self healing through radical reconnection

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I am a truth telling alchemist, bringing together a powerful potion of earthy and grounded real life experiences, stirred up with glittery, mystical magic!

My mission is to support you in the journey of remembering and re-awakening your own inner guidance system, whether that be in your own physical and emotional wellbeing or making courageous leaps in your business.  

'On paper' I am a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Coach and Soulful Entrepreneur, but as you get to know me you will see there is a whole lot more and that journey is always evolving...

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Work with me one-to-one and rediscover your emotional, physical & Energetic wellbeing.

REPLENISH & nourish your mind & body.

remember your own instinctive inner guidance system.

reconnect to your true values and sense of self. 

reclaim a life that offers you freedom, fun and fulfillment.

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Gift yourself the space to replenish yourself and reconnect back to your inner guidance system using movement Medicine, meditation and sacred self care.

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Listen to my podcast, Unravelling.

A series of truthful conversations exploring the messy truths of real life... 

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