reclaiming our forgotten

Remembering. Re-awakening. Renewing.

Welcome to my digital sanctuary…

Welcome home…

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Hi, I’m Lauren,

I hold space for women to remember…

…remember their innate power and deepest desires.
…remember the wisdom and language of the body.
…remember their truest essence and wildest self.

It is my honour to welcome you to my online home…

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To the woman who is ready to reconnect, to rebirth, to remember who she was before the world told her who she was supposed to be.

To the woman who is ready for transformation, growth expansion and to reclaim her personal power and true sense of self.

Let me be there to guide and support you.


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Over the years I have explored, unearthed and discovered a wide range of different tools and practices that supported me in my own growth and evolution.

And now I want to share some of them with you.

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