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reconnecting. reclaiming.

Guidance, tools & truth telling for women who are ready to transform in life, love and business.

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Hi, I’m Lauren,

Women’s Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Writer & Speaker.

If you know that you are destined for MORE from your life, but are fed up of feeling lost, stressed and disconnected, then you have come to the right space.

I hold space for women, like you, to get clarity on WHAT they desire from life, WHO they truly are, and HOW they can step more fully in to their own power.

It is my pleasure to welcome you here…

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To the woman who is ready to reconnect, to rebirth, to remember who she was before the world told her who she was supposed to be.

To the woman who is ready for transformation, growth expansion and to reclaim her personal power and true sense of self.

Let me be there to guide and support you.


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listen to the unravelling podcast

A series of conversations exploring the messy truths of real life…


words from women I have worked with…

“Lauren helped me through a challenging time in my life when I was really struggling to find the right balance. Her advice, Skype calls and incredible knowledge was the guidance I was looking for. We spent several months talking and each time we spoke, I felt lighter.” Rebecca Northridge

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read my journal

Written words, straight from my heart to yours…

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